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Stand Up Paddleboard fishing has become a big part of my SUP adventures and life. Heck, I have been getting out during the week for a nice training paddle and fishing, fishing and catching a sunset, or just fishing the whole time. It's something I would love to do more and to catch dinner. It does take some getting used to and time testing gear layout. Figured, I should share my knowledge and experience in this area to get you fishing off your SUP in no time!

Gear Setup

I am typically lake fishing for Bass (small and big mouth), but will fish for Northern Pike, Walleye, Crappies, Sunnies (Bluegills), and Perch. I river fish too.

Rod and Reel: Shakespeare Ugly Stick Elite - 7' medium 6-14 lb. line, which breaks in half for easy traveling and portaging. with Regal LT 2500D-XH Reel.

Small Tackle Sleeve: with all my rubber bait and variety of hooks. Tubes with weedless hooks work well for me for catching Bass. Plus, top water whatever. Mepps for Pike. Jigs for walleye. Small hook and bobber for Sunnies/Crappies.

Steel Leaders: for 6″ to 12″ depending on the fish, with quick release.

Bobber: use all the time. Also, like light up bobbers for some super fun night fishing sessions.

Bait: I have a lot of rubber gear, but I try to use live bait as much as possible. 

Net: Handmade wooden net from a local Wisconsinite. Floats and is beautiful. Plus, rubber net so fish don’t get hurt and less snagging hooks. Super handy to scoop up the fish, while you are holding your pole up in the air to keep tension. 

Stringer: I attach to my side back most D-Ring for my daily catch. Have also used baskets and/or cooler as a live-well too.

Crazy Creek Chair: great to sit flat on my SUP deck or on top a hard cooler. Nice to be able to sit back and relax when you have a bobber chilling in the water.

5 Gallon Bucket: only really if you are targeting pan fish and know you are going to catch a bunch of them. You can strap it down with an NRS strap to your D-Ring loops.

Awesome SUP-Fishing Times

Easy Going SUP-Fishing Snail Lake, Minnesota - Late Summer 2019

Easy Going SUP-Fishing on Little Long Lake, Minnesota - Summer 2019

Slaying Northern Pike - Bay Lake, Minnesota - Summer 2018

Fishing Good Time - Bay Lake, Minnesota - Summer 2018

Night on Coon Lake - Minnesota - Summer 2017

SUP-Fishing During Adventure Trips

Fishing Away in the BWCA, Minnesota - Labor Day Weekend 2019

Testing Our Luck on the Saint Croix River - MN/WI - Summer 2019

Dodging the Rain - BWCA, Minnesota - Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Much Needed Adventure - Boundary Waters, Minnesota - Late Summer 2018

SUPing Around the Boundary Waters - Minnesota - Spring/Summer 2018

Voyageurs National Park - Take 2 - One Man Alone (not really) - Summer 2017

Paddling, Portaging, and Fishing in the BWCA - Summer 2017