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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore - Wisconsin - USA

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore features 22 islands off the tip of Wisconsin, jutting out into Lake Superior. It’s protected and serviced by of the National Park Service. So you will need to obtain a permit for overnight camping on the islands. 

There are six lighthouses spread across the islands to make sure boat traffic stays on the right path. Devil’s Island features a few lighthouses and some amazing sea caves, further out into Superior. Most of the islands have no human inhabitants, giving you the feel of having your own personal island.

Be careful with this one, as it is a very exposed paddle on BIG water. Lake Superior will swallow you up without notice. Weather, waves, and wind can change instantly. Keep in mind, there are motorized boats big and small, since tours take place or people out enjoying the islands themselves. 

Longer multi-day paddles are recommend, if you are trying to see as much of the islands and surrounding areas as possible. Bayfield is a great little town too! If you are looking for a day paddle, checkout the sea caves between Little Sand Bay and Meyers Beach. Also, a short paddle to Sand Island and back.

 Truly a magical place and BIG water paddling experience. I have actually only SUPed it once so far. I have sea kayaked (3 person) with Wilderness Inquiry as a trip assistant a few times times.

My Past Apostle Islands Adventure Trips

Exploring Sea Caves with Wilderness Inquiry - Summer 2019

SUPing the Apostle Islands - Summer 2017

First Time - Trip Assistant with Wilderness Inquiry - Summer 2015

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Resources: 

As I mentioned above, I have only SUPed in the Apostle Islands once so far. I planned a few other trips up there, but due to recovering from injuries I was not able to go. One needs to be 100% on their game to SUP Lake Superior. 

Sweet Websites:

National Park Service - About, Maps, Alert, Trails, and everything national park websites provide. I get most my info from here or Wilderness Inquiry

Travel Wisconsin - Basic information, Events, and other explore the areas around the national park

Apostle Islands Cruises - Information, Curies (tours), Shuttles, Camping info, and more

Wilderness Inquiry - Minnesota outdoor company focused on getting anyone and everyone in the great outdoors. I LOVE this company and have done a bunch of volunteering with them. They are the reason I fell in love with the Apostle Islands

There is a bunch more information out there. I tend to use the National Park website the most since it has the most up to date information, weather, conditions, and more. Otherwise, please reach out to me. I enjoy talking about this amazing place.