Merry Christmas!

Mom and Dad,

You two have supported me since day one. I honestly, don't even know how to express how much that means to me. It seems rare to have parents that are willing to let their son continue to do crazy shit I do.    

To continue to live in the basement

To continue to help me when injured or sick

To continue to drive you nuts, from time to time

To continue putting up with my unconventional habits

To continuing to join on the adventures or assist me on mine

To continue to wake up every day, not really know what your son might do next

That is just to name a few. But I hope with all my quirks, I influence you to fuel your passions and do what you love in life. I'm just doing what I love.

Untitled photo

I don't have much for money, but I wanted your gift to still be something you could enjoy, overtime. What better way then a photo! You get to pick out whatever photo you like and we can custom build the print exactly how you like. We will see how much it comes to and go from there.   

Untitled photo

This photo, I originally took to give you one day. When I took it I wanted to showcase a few of my passions and actually smile in the photo. One day, we will get all my passions into single photo. Until that time, you can enjoy this one :)