About The Shop

I've loved hard copies of art my whole life. Visiting museums has always been a highlight during my travels. It's crazy to see something from 1000+ years ago. From paintings, drawings, sculptures, all the way to photography. I love seeing it all! I created this Print Shop as my gallery. A place to showcase my passion for photography. From one of a kind custom print, a tag along photo, or just a beautiful destination shot. I wanted to showcase it all. And yes, a way to share those moments in a physical form. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire you, spark a new passion, teleport you, or simply you just enjoy the shot.

Thank you for your love and support!

Pete Rozeboom 

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My mission is to influence people to fuel their passions in life, spread the love, and showcase our beautiful planet.

I've broken my work down into a few different areas. Each area focuses on a different topic/subject. I'll constantly adding to each area as adventures unfold. Keep in mind, any and all photos on my site can be purchased. I created these galleries to help simplify and showcase some of my favorite photos. 

Action & Adventure: Photos captured doing the activities I love! Or captured on one of the many adventures that took me around the world.

Beautiful Destinations: Typically landscape shots with and without people, but the destination is the main focus.

Custom Print: My favorite way to get a print in your hands! I feel every photo has a certain way to be showcased. This also allows me to learn more about how you planning on displaying the piece. That way, we can create something special and just for you.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you making prints?

I've always loved a hard copy of a photo. That was one of my favorite parts of photography, besides composing the shot itself. Then digital cameras came into play. It is so easy to just upload photos to a website or dump them on your computer and forget about them. Well, I view my photography as my art craft. I am not really a painter, drawer, or dabble in other arts like that. I am a photographer. I want to share what I captured while fueling my passions or out on an adventure with others in a physical form. Allowing my friends, family, and supporters to have my work hanging in their home, cabin, office, or where ever. Maybe it's a photo of them, tagging along, or maybe it's a beautiful landscape I captured. Either way, my focus is to have something you can physically have and proudly hang up knowing I put love into each shot. Most importantly, to inspire you to get out and fuel your passions in life!

How did you get into photography?

I fell in love with photography back in high school. Took every class offered at the time, which was not a ton. Learned all about the older 35mm film camera, developing my own film, and exposing my prints in the green/red rooms. I loved the process and was one of the few things that kept me engaged in high school. College came around and photography fell to the wayside. I didn't have the money to invest in these fancy digital cameras. Plus, the fact one can just hit the shutter button and collect hundreds of images didn't sit well with me. Then skiing and mountain biking came into my life. I fell back in love with photography and cinematography. Got a GoPro and a Olympus Tough 2 camera and started to see what I could do. Everything I learned in the past came flowing over me and that passion reignited.  Few years later (2017), I upgraded my GoPro to the Hero 5 and bought my Sony Alph 6300. In 2019, I upgraded to a full frame Sony A7Riii.

What camera do you use?

Sony A7Riii - is now my go to camera these days. Got a few awesome lens to pair up with it, which also can work on my 6300. Super sweet camera and I have been loving the photos it captures. Big things to come with this one!


Sony Alpha 6300 - I love it! Super compact yet packs a huge punch. I don't think I have ever taken it out of manual mode.

GoPro Hero 7 and 5  - These little bugger is on me all the time. I love how they can shoot in RAW format now of days. Really nice to get unexpected shots or action shots without disrupting the moment. Plus I am always on/by water so having a solid waterproof setup is huge for me!

Previous Camera: Olympus Tough 2 and 4 - used pre-summer 2017. Awesome point and shoot camera that fit in my front pocket, but felt I was limited with what I wanted to truly capture. Plus I broke 2 of them and lost a third one whitewater SUPing lol. 

What printing lab do you use?

I teamed up with White House Custom Color (WHCC). It's one of the printing labs Smugmug partnered with, allowing photographers to easily integrate into their website. Given I am not able to showcase all the customization print options, just the most common. I decided on WHCC after I toured the facility here in Minnesota. I fell in love with the company, process, and employees. The passion for making the best print possible is showcased in every print they make. Their craftsmanship is also second to none. I was blown away by all the small details they make sure are addressed from the small to the massive orders. Plus, I really like how they are located in my home state, environmentally friendly, and on the cutting edge of printing.

Editing your photos?

Yes, I edit my photos. I use Adobe Lightroom on my computer and the app on my phone. I like to slightly touch-up my photos. Cameras almost never capture what ones eye actually sees. Since my style is to show you what I truly saw, I do a little touch-up to showcase the true beauty. I do not use Photoshop. I'm old school, in the way I think you need to compose your shot instead of slamming a bunch of stuff together or splicing multiple photos. Don't get me wrong I LOVE some of the photos people create, but it is not my style. 

How did you determine your pricing?

This was something I struggled with. It's very hard to put a price on ones work, without getting emotionally attached. I looked at what other artist are doing across the different medias of art. Also, talked to a number of individuals in the art community. My Print Shop is not like going to Target or Home Goods, where one can buy a mass produced print everyone has. It’s my expression of art. There are a variety of material and size options to pick from. Some being expensive due to the nature they are expensive to make. Others are less expensive. Keep in mind, it’s the final product! Ready to hang! Unlike buying a paper print, a frame, matting, and so on. When one actually does that, the cost adds up fast. All depends what you are looking for.

Custom Print:

Opens the door to all printing options WHCC offers! This is what I really love to do. This can include just a standard print you can frame yourself, a custom build barnwood frame, premium gallery wrap with floating frame, a metal print, and the options go on from WHCC. Most of the time I can make something cheaper than you think. Please contact me for more details.