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Past Adventures

Past adventures from 2014 to 2016. I used to have write ups and detailed information of each of these. However, summer 2017 my old website expired and I thought I would still have access to the detailed information. Well I was wrong. I lost all of it... Totally suck but whatever at least I still have all the photos! I tried to remember as much as I could :)

Texas Road Tripping - Fall 2016

Island Hopping with my buddies - Voyagers National Park, USA - 2016

AK23 Alaska Mountaineering - NOLS - 2016

Amazing Skiing and Snowmobiling Adventure - Montana- 2016

Mount Bohemia - 2016

Packed Colorado Trip - 2016

Road Tripping from California to Colorado - 2015

Apostle Island Base Camp Trip with Wilderness Inquiry - 2015

South Dakota Road Trip - 2015

6 Week Europe Adventure - 2014

NOLS Outdoor Educator Semester - 2014

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