Apostle Island National Lakeshore

Had the itch to get back up to the Apostle Islands to see the sea caves and arches. Truly an amazing site to see. So I hit the road right from work on Friday. Swung over to Bayfield, WI to take some pictures of the sail boats to start my mini adventure off.

After a fun photo session, I headed to Little Sand Bay, WI to spend the night. Took some pictures of the amazing sunset, watched a movie, and slept in my Jeep to rest up for the real adventure. Pretty awesome view right from the beach!

Next day, I talked to a park ranger about paddling out to Devils Island and she thought I was crazy. Her, "You would make it there but not back". Winds were supposed to pick up and generate 3+ foot waves. Toss in the crazy amount of boat traffic and it will be a struggle for sure. So instead, I pumped up Nala and we hit the water from Little Sand Bay towards the coastline sea caves by Meyers Beach. Water had 1-2 foot waves when I started with westward wind of 5-10 mph, which I was paddling right into it.

Well 17.78 miles later I made it from Little Sand Bay to the coastline sea caves and back. 6:57:22 hours or moving time and 00:30:34 rest time. I'd say that is pretty awesome! Tons of open water paddling, which the waves were non stop pounding. Pushed my way into the wind on the way there and surfed waves on the way back. By the caves it was 2-4+ foot waves making it super tricky to get into some of them. Didn't get into all of them, for safety reasons, but still had a blast with everything I explored. Overall, it was a fantastic push and I am super happy I decided to just go for it. Next time, spend more time in the other islands, ideally with others.

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