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Hala Gear

Where to start... Back in May 2016, I was looking for a new way to explore. Knowing I have a strong love and connection with water, I wanted to spend more time on/in lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, and the ocean. So I reached out to some “river rat” buddies to see what ideas they had. A few of them said, “I can totally see you on a SUP!”. SUP? What the heck is that? Ohhh Stand-Up Paddleboard! But those are so big... How on earth will I be able to travel around with that? Plus, I have never been on one. They told me to just check out Hala. So I did.

Hala is an inflatable paddleboard company out of Steamboat, Colorado. Designed for adventure and really everything else you can throw at it. These boards are crazy durable due to the high quality standards and continuous prototyping to better each and every product they sell. They truly are pushing the limits and evolving the sport of SUP from flat water, touring, racing, surfing, all the way to picking a line in the rapids. Wait. Rapids on an inflatable paddleboard?! Yes rapids! These boards can really take the beating from rocks, stumps, and other mysteries lurking under the water. I can truly attest to the quality and ease of use for these boards. I was so sucked into the company and idea of having a board that I had to get one. Read more on my “I Christen Thee – Nala” album, which breaks down how I ended up on a Hala Nass board. Totally a game changer in the way I travel, explore, and sparked a new passion in my life.

Fast forward hundreds of miles and countless pictures on Nala to 2017. I reached out to the company to be an ambassador since we seem to be connecting super well via Instagram. They loved the idea and I am now an ambassador! I literally jumped up in the air both fists clenched yelling YEESSSSSS!!!! Truly a proud moment for me to become a part of such and awesome company and family. Nala and I have a tons of training and some big adventures ahead of us. Only time will tell where we end up next!

Phat Fudge

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I’ve really started paying attention more and more to what I was putting into my body. Even more so compared to years prior. I really wanted to get my intake dialed in to take me to new heights. I was constantly searching for a healthy snack for my adventures. I tried all sorts of stuff and just felt like my body was not optimizing from what I was eating. Most of the snack stuff out there is full of sugar, carbs, and just crap ingredients. All stuff my body does NOT run smoothly on, at all. Yeah I can eat it and get by, but I was not able to really push myself like I wanted. Or I felt like I was always run down and not provided the right ingredients for my body and mind to rebuild on multi-day trips. I then came across Phat Fudge.

Not only is the product awesome but the story of Mary (@paleochef) is crazy inspirational to me. Phat Fudge is truly is a grassroots company/product she created, marketed, hand packed, and grew into what it is today. Said that, Mary is completely transparent on the successes the failures that take place along the way. That is something I proudly look up to and wished other did. Mary has an awesome outlook on life, constantly joking around, makes fun of herself, and determined to provide us all with a fantastic product. Mary's passion for taking care of her body and mind radiates in every post, says a lot about an individual.  

So put in an order and see what Phat Fudge can do for you! When you have that first pack in your hand think about hand packing 10,000+ of those. No joke she used to hand pack these suckers in the beginning! That is what you call passion!

EAT, PLAY, CRUSH! – Phat Fudge

Onnit - Total Human Optimization

Oh man where to start with Onnit. Back in 2015 I needed to drastically change my life due to injuries, illnesses, and depression. I was working out and eating well but was kind of half assing it. I decided I was done and over with all that crap. Time to start training for greatness and truly optimizing my body, mind, and gear to reach my goals and dreams. Really needed to focus on what I was putting in/on my body. Onnit’s supplements, foods, training gear, personal care, and Onnit Academy has allowed me to progress to heights I didn’t even fathom before. I feel like I’m becoming my own superhero! Best part, knowing and trusting they are using the best earth grown nutrients backed and tested by top athletes and medical professionals.

Through hard ass work, blood, and sweat I have been taking the unconventional approach to training. From vigorous training sessions, swinging that 2 pood (72lbs) Gorilla kettlebell, all the way to tossing in the 20kg (44lbs) Cyclops into a backpack for a heavy pack hike and swing. Not to mention, utilizing Onnit’s lineup every single day to fuel my body and mind with the genetic makeup required to build a better and stronger me. I fell in love the company so much I wanted to team up with them. On August 5, 2016 I landed an entry-level sponsorship with Onnit! I’m very pleased and honored to be a part of the Onnit family!

If you’re looking to unlock your hidden potential, push yourself further, or looking for a tasty healthy snack come check out how Onnit will help you reach total human optimization. I’ll be straight up. All of the Onnit links on my website will take you through my portal to their website. This helps track how you heard about Onnit from me. It also provides me with additional support to keep pushing my body, mind, and adventures around the world. More importantly, it will assist you with achieving your personal greatness. Plus help get you in outstanding shape so you can keep up with me on our next adventure :)

Ink Tailor - Adam Chiodo

I love being around people that fuel their passions, push themselves, radiate positivity, and reach for greatness. Adam is truly one of those individuals! You’re able to see his passion and love for his craft in his award-winning tattoo all the way to his captivating pieces of art. Not a day goes by without him tattooing, drawing, painting, air brushing, or finding new avenues of inspiration. Heck you can watch most of it live on his different forms of social media. I am truly grateful to be his friend, challenge each other, and have an amazing leg piece from him. Oh oh soon a full sleeve cover-up! If you’re looking for your next tattoo or piece of art I highly recommend seeing what Ink Tailor can do for you!

Checkout more of his work and make sure to follow him!

Team up?!

Always looking for new companies and products I strongly believe in and want to see grow. If you are interested in teaming, up let me know! I would love to help spread the word and expand your business!