What am I Training For?

June 22, 2017

What am I training for? This is a common question I get asked all the time. For starters, I dislike using “working out” because it sounds like work. To me that has a negative feel. I am big on word choice and using positive words over negative ones because we need more positivity in our worlds. So many people just seem down and out of it with all the negative crap being thrown at us all the time. Plus when I say, “I’m training!” Sounds like I am giving it my all and really pushing myself to achieve more, which is true. Compared to saying, “I’m working out”. To me, you are saying you are just going to gym and taking selfies, being on your phone holding up equipment while putting in minimal effort, or working out so you can eat certain foods. I could be wrong but that is how I take it and I just don’t like how that sounds.

Anywho, What am I training for? Well as you probably know I live for the adventure! I like to explore, see new places, and experience new activities from the most extreme like skiing/mountain biking down to going for a simple hike. This has me learning new skills and/or improving on existing skills all of the time. You got to go through “the suck ” stage to get better. In order to progress myself further, higher, deeper, and to more extremes I need to train myself to achieve that. At the same time, training for the skills needed on an expedition or adventure allows my risk of injury and mistakes to be drastically cut down. Plus, knowing my bodies limitations is the key to my success. I thrive on knowing I put myself through some tough training sessions to test my physical and mental ability too. That way when I come across a “oh shit” situation I am more prepared and capable to overcome the task at hand. One can always improve themselves!

Let’s say I am going on a 10 day hiking trip. Pack can weigh 40-70 pounds depending on what all is needed. Prior to the trip I have two choices. I can go and only push weight or I can put weight in the pack for mock hikes, we all know what I do lol. If you know of a better way to prepare yourself for an activity besides doing it outright, I would like to hear about it. Yes I swing Kettlebells, use resistant bands, body weight exercises, Yoga, and more but those are in conjunction to me actually doing the activities. I love to have a single solid day busting my ass off swinging and training to breakdown my whole body from my brain to my toes. You can see examples of those sessions on my Instagram, which can get pretty intense. I spend the rest of the week actually doing the activities I love, which are my passions and you got to fuel your passions!

The only activity I do pretty much daily is Yoga. This is due to how you can utilize Yoga in so many different ways. To stretch out sore muscles, to improve flexibly, strengthen tendons and ligaments, build muscles endurance, or re-center the body and mind. I attend classes here and there to hone my skills but most of the time I just let go of my mind, breath, and see where my body takes me. Your body knows what it needs, you just need to be willing and able to listen to it. I love flowing one pose into another without direction or following any order.

I’ll incorporate poses and stretches throughout my day at work while balancing on a Fluidstance board, again always training something :) I feel that works best for me and I like to be ready at all times for anything that comes at me. Your world can change in the blink of an eye. I personally would rather know I have trained myself to take on as many different situations as I can. Yes this means training in all sorts of weather too. You are not going to have sunny warm days all the time. Get out there in the rain, snow, and cold. Know what it is like to deal with different weather and what all your gear can do for you. That way you are better prepared and capable to assist others, if needed.


Maybe one day I will be training for an event, race, or whatever but I am not a competitive type that needs to do that stuff. Yeah I compete with myself and friends but that is all in fun and games. Oh and also because it progresses us all at that activity. But I don’t need a metal to say I did an outstanding job or anything. High Five or hug works for me :)

Biggest thing I always tell everyone is to do what you are truly passionate about. Do that but also find things you suck at and get better at them. Everything we learn and do makes us who we are. Incorporate different activities because it forces you to look at things in different lens and angles. Plus almost everything is about finding the right line, but I'll talk about that another time. Just fuel your passions one adventure at a time! Push yourself! Try new things! Ultimately don't get trapped in a never ending tunnel of darkness. Spread light and love across everyone you meet :)