Wel... That Rocked!

October 24, 2016

I just got home from completing my last Minnesota State Park. I open my laptop to see what comes out of my head and to my fingertips. But all I get is flashbacks, from the fantastic weekend I just had. Just the shear happiness of the sweet victory over my goal being completed, rushes over my body and mind. I feel relaxed and charged up. Head is held high, arms are crossed, and wearing a shit grin on my face, that is for sure.

At the same time, thinking about the feeling I had on the beach. It was after doing 3 rounds of a kettlebell session, on top of my 11.55 mile paddle to the island itself. Ha yeeeaahh, it was an awesome paddle but not once did I think, "Oh shit!! I might not make it." and that really bugged me. Plus, I just swung a kettlebell on 1 of the 14,000+ island in the Lake of the Woods! Like what the fuck?! Anyways, I felt and knew this whole project was just the first stage, test, task, goal, challenge, or whatever you want to call it for me. It felt like it was the warmup for what is to come...

Let the planning begin :)