WTF Humans?!

January 22, 2018

What the fuck humans?! Why do we trash our beautiful planet? This is our one and only home. Why destroy the only place we can currently call home? This is not a journal about your beliefs in climate change. This is about the daily choices you make. I'm pretty sure we can all agree, we can be doing thing a lot better. Seeing shit like this breaks my heart into pieces.  

  • Then I came across this... Well that explains why the water is open. It is so fucking polluted! This boils my blood!!! Journal to come

That was just a small taste of what I have come across on my adventures. I tend to not take pictures of trash, but I might change that up. We need to make others more aware this is going on non-stop around the world. Go into any park, you will see trash all over the place. Trash along the roadways, on the streets in neighborhoods, and in our waterways, which again you can see this all around the world. From the United States to the number of other countries I have visited. It is a problem we are able to prevent.

It really comes down to one thing, choices. The choices you make on a daily basis. Hold up, Pete how can my choices have an impact? Well it is pretty simple, supply and demand. If you decided to use a plastic straw/silverware and throw it away every time you go out to eat, you are demanding X company to continue to make the dumbest products on the plant. First off, you don't need a fucking straw to drink your poison, wait sugar, no no.. Oh soda or is it pop. Either way, you don't need a straw. Just like you don't need to get plastic silverware, bring your own fork/knife/chopsticks. I have a metal spork with me at all times. I use it constantly over plastic crap. Otherwise, just eat it with your hands, that is what our hands are for! Don't even get me started on plastic bottles for water... Hands down the biggest con I have ever seen. In the United States, we have running water pretty much everywhere, yet people buy plastic 20oz bottles of water.. Are you fucking kidding me?!?! Do you just like to piss money away while simultaneously kicking Mother Nature in the face? You can fill a metal or Nalgene bottle up over and over, hot or cold, for a long long time. Probably can make a bottle last your whole life. Guess what. It is FREE to fill up almost anywhere! Now if you live in a country where this is not possible, still look for alternative ways with filters like Lifestraw. I am not even going to touch plastic bags.. All I can say is optout from them! Heck most of the time you don't need a bag, but people are "to nice" to say no I don't need one. I have worked plenty of retail and I would say 80-90% of the time one does not need a bag to carry what they are buying. If you do, use a reusable bag made from recycled materials.

Clothing and gear. Ok I get it you "need" to have clothing and gear to do the activities you love. Well instead of constantly buying new stuff. Use your old stuff as long as possible. Buy used stuff. Learn to fix it yourself. Look after your stuff and make it lasts. Don't get sucked into the trends and replace your clothing every few weeks. How many shirts/dresses/pants/shoes do you truly need to do the things you love? I rock the same clothing whether I am outside hiking or in the office. Really think long and hard about buying stuff. Do you really need it or are you just filling a void? I am going to say most of the time you are just filling your want void. 

Think about this. Each shirt you own had to be produced someplace, which most are produced overseas (to be honest). So let's backtrack anything your own. Need to produce the raw materials first. To produce that raw material takes other resources, including transportation to get the raw materials to X company. Now you have the raw material and X company (individual) needs to produce the shirt you want to buy. Again, this requires energy and raw materials to produce the shirt in the factory or whatever. Now they have a finished product, which again needs to be shipped. Once shipped across the big ocean, it needs to get loaded into trucks or railcars. Ships to distribution center. From there more energy and resources are needed to store all the product until Y store says they need it on their floor. More transportation resources to finally have the shirt at the store. But it needs a hanger and rack to showcase it to ya, again more resources. Just to have you pick it out, rock it for a few weeks, and move onto a different one, which you probably just threw the "old" one way.. That is a super long wasteful journey for you to have something for such a short time.

Person power or pollution? What you decide can make an impact!

Person power or pollution? What you decide can make an impact!

Transportation. This is always a tricky one for me, since I own a Jeep and love cars. I totally get how they have a huge impact on the world. From a raw material, energy to produce, transport, and all the other waste from the other products going into a car as well like gas, oil, and so on. But do manufactures need to continue to produce thousands of new vehicles every year? Do you as a consumer need to always have a newer car? Do you need a truck when you never haul or tow anything? Again, think about all the resources that go into making and maintaining your vehicle. The part that pisses me off is how the manufactures have ways to keep resources down, increase MPG, and so much more but there is "no" money in that... Thankfully, there are a number of people calling bullshit on that one. You can have a high performing car/truck and still have less of an impact on the world. We are not there yet, but some awesome things coming.   

Going back to me owning a Jeep. I got it for one reason, I wanted my home (yes my home) to be mobile. I am not looking to buy or build a house. My Jeep can and will be my home, in which I live out of. Said, that I am constantly looking into new ways I can improve my Jeep to be more sustainable. I am outfitting it with solar to power everything I own. I am also looking into different engine options to increase my MGP, ideally I would love to go electric but the distance is not there yet. So instead, I am going to be getting a used 250 motorcycle from a friend. This will be my daily driver, instead of my Jeep, saving a ton of resources. Both of these I am going to drive into the ground. I am planning to have both for as long as I live. Otherwise, carpool and use public transportation when I can. When I worked downtown I took the bus everyday, it was awesome (napped on the way in and back) didn't have to worry about parking, gas, and all that other crap that goes into driving everyday. It really adds up quickly! Heck if you can walk, walk! If you can bike to work, Bike! Do whatever you can to lessen your impact for your daily commute.

Those are just a few very small examples of the choices you can make, that actually can have a huge impact. When you stop using (demanding) X, companies have to cut back/stop producing X. Donate your old gear and clothing, let others get more life out of it. Recycle! Plain and simple. This turns your "trash" into something new. Eat your food instead of throwing it away. If it has a blemish on it, cut it out/off and eat the rest. Eat what you take, take what you can eat. Food is a huge waste issue in the United States and that shit has got to stop. Remember, all of this it is your choice! You can choose to not care and keep being wasteful or you can choose to change your habits, alter your buying, change how you get around. I love our planet. I would like to continue to call it home for myself and for the future. Said that, I am going to keep making adjustments with my choices because I can always improve. Anyway I can.

Oh PS I am not saying we should not consume/stimulate the economy. We can do that in a number of ways. What I am saying is, take a moment and think about where X is coming from. How we can change X? We (the consumers) do have the power to change the products being produced, how they are produced, and the overall impact we have on the planet. But it starts with the choices YOU make!


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