The Game

September 17, 2016

I mentioned in my last journal entry about how I'm done and over with the game. I grew up playing a lot of board games, card games, and later video games. Like Mario, Zelda, Load Runner, and other old school games. The goal was almost always the same. Learn skills or how to play, figure out the pattern, don't die, collect stuff (money, gems, points, whatever), and win the ultimate prize. Same order but what society seems to expect, go to school, get a job, get married/have kids, buy a house, and retire. That expectation is so ingrained into people minds they get confused by people that deviates from that structure.

Take myself as and example. I went to college and graduated with my 4 year degree. Got a job at an insurance company and quickly move to an agriculture company, keep in mind my degree was agriculture and business management focus. During school I was going down the path of marriage and moving in together. But hold up! Pump the brakes! How can I play two levels at the same time? Well that's what most end up doing. We try to play all the levels as fast as possible or multiple levels at the same time for whatever reason.

Ok we didn't end up getting married and we parted ways for our own reasons. Is that like I died and lost a life in the game? So I start the level over again? Oh I start at this thing called dating... That can actually be a different journal entry haha. So you know how sometime you can skip a level? Yeah I did that with dating/marriage/kids for the time being. Now what? I'm at the buying a house level. Humm... Seems like a super long level. Not to mention it keeps you in this never ending loop of wanting more stuff because your not able to have an empty house. You got to fill it with something! Right? Yup, all that money you been collecting goes toward a wooden structure to house your stuff, junk, and provides you a place to sleep, ideally safely. But Pete, "Where are you going to live if you don't buy a house?" My favorite reply, "This place called Earth". You know it's home to everyone and everything we know. Why do I need to decimate Mother Nature to make a big wooden box and fill it with shit? Oh that's right, we are still playing a game and that's how the game goes.

After playing the house level for 30+ years you finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The ultimate prize level is in reach! Oh wait that's just the retirement level where you're 60+ years old and busted up. Typically run down from playing that damn house level for so long. Maybe you're one that also tossed in the kid level too, which just added to the complexity and intensity.

What the fuck?! How does that game make sense? Not to mention if your going to play it why rush it? Take some time to explore the world we live in. Learn and develop a deeper connection with yourself, others, and our home. That's how you become a true master of a level. That's how you don't regret choices you may or may not have done in your life. That's how you don't contribute to the 51% and growing divorce rate. That's how you don't have unplanned kids or so flipping many. You mofos are playing the game to fast and playing to may levels at the same time. Not able to keep it all straight, which is why I hear so many people say, "I'm good" or "fine.." When asking how their day is going or how's life.

Oh you're good today.. Really?! You're alive on this amazing planet! You're able to connect with anyone around the world, instantly. Everything you ever wanted to learn about is literally at your fingertips. You're able to achieve anything if you put the effort in. You're able to fuel your passions and inspire others in a positive way. How can you just be good? Oh you're stuck playing the Societal Norms game.. Trying to beat one of those levels so your not spending as much time doing everything else you have always wanted.. Yeeeaaah. I'm not able to relate because I started playing a different game titled "Fuck it. Life and everything is awesome!" I got to say, it's fantastically addictive. Takes you to levels you have never even heard of or seen.

Here is an example:

Oh wait that's just an amazing sunset I capture after exploring my 64 state park. But you get the idea :)