The Flare Up

April 26, 2018

Well I just found out I have tendinitis in my right arm, slightly in my left. What does that mean? Means my tendons are inflamed, overworked, locking/freezing my hand up, and slight numbness. What does that really mean? I need to stop repetitive motions like wrenching on my Jeep and motorcycle, playing racquetball, construction, and for sure any twisting motions (the worst for me). Oh and computer time, which is why this will be my last journal for some time. I want to cut back the amount of time I am on a computer, using a mouse, editing hundreds of photos, and phone time. Along with activities and motions that do not help with my recovery.

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It totally sucks and has been an issue for the past few months, but always gets worse when I work on my vehicles. Had my hand lock up a few times the past two weeks, which is why I decided to get it looked at. When I say locked up, I mean my hand is stuck in a painful position and will not release until I massage the muscles/tendons in my forearm to slowly release my hand. See, I am old school and like to use “man power” for everything. I like to be the one physically getting the job done, but this has a toll on the ol body. Match it up with like 18+ years of computer typing, 10 key (shit ton of 10 key), writing papers/blogs/emails, and using a computer every day for work. Oh and breaking my wrist, tearing UCL, and all the other impacts I have had on my wrist/forearms over the years.

What is the recovery? Time, time, and more time. In a nutshell, there is no “treatment”, magical pill, surgery, or anything like that. It really is just time. Allow the body to recover itself, which it will, and make sure I cut down/out motions that piss it off. I can still do everything I normally do, but just be more aware how it might be impacting my forearms. Wrenching is probably the worst thing I currently do, ha and racquetball. Thankfully, paddling is more of a lever motion pushing and pulling compared to twisting nuts, bolts, and my wrenches.

Some easy some a bitch

What is to come? Well like I just mentioned, I am going to pretty much keep doing what I do. I just need to cut down/out the amount I do it and start utilizing tools and technology. Yup, power tools! I have always wanted to get an electric impact wrench, but I never did since I was like I can just do it myself and save the $$. Well now the roles have changed. I need to spend the $$ to save the body. Body over $$ every time! Time to invest into tools/technology that will allow me to keep progressing my builds. Start utilizing voice to text. Plus remove any repetitive motions I can. It is not a huge deal, just minor adjustments to make sure I am not making it worse. I also am going to keep holding out from swinging kettlebells. I miss it like crazy! But I am worried my hand will lock up and the kettlebell goes flying through the air, through a wall/tv, or I drop it on my head/foot. That is why you have not seen me really training with them. I am going to look up exercises and stretches to help with recovery and start going back to heat yoga. I can also focus on lower body more too. Build the legs, hips, core, and back.

Yeah it sucks, but it is something I will have to deal with probably the rest of my life. I just need to not be so strong-willed, thinking I can do everything with my own power. If there is a power tool or technology I could utilize, I need to actually use it! I am not too worried about all of it. If anything, it makes me look at what I do differently. Computer time is something I really want to get more away from, which means a career change is needed. I know I have talked about it a number of times, but this really make me evaluate what I do on the daily. Typing all day every day is just not for me anymore. Yeah my job is awesome, flexible, pays well, and allows me to do some pretty awesome things. But knowing each and every day is the on a computer entering in number, writing emails, projects, and reports really takes a toll. Like really?! All I am getting out of it is money but trashing my body... One can make money anywhere and a number of ways. I like trades, crafts, and physical activities more. One more year. One more year to see. One more year before I make a major change. Until that point, recover and improve the ways I do everything. But yeah I am still going to paddle :)

Well Nala, we made it to the end. Now to head back