Test One Two

November 16, 2017

Rozyboom Print Shop is one step closer to launching! Just got a few test prints last night to see how my work is turning out. WHCC really does make some amazing work! Loving the details and colors they were able to capture and physically print. Pretty blown away to see my work finally printed out! Said all that, I did notice they all turned out darker than I was hoping. Given that’s the whole point of a test print. To see if my display and what I see/edit is actually true to the final print itself. Need some fine tweaking, which leads me into looking for a color calibration option.

Untitled photo

Wahooo! First actual business investment! Just ordered a color management system, Colormunki Display by X-Rite. This little bugger will read my computer’s display along with the lighting around me and adjust my computer’s settings to show what my actual output will be. When I reached out to WHCC, they highly recommend I get it to help with the calibration process, which I feel is a smart move. I’m working on a 4 year old MacBook Pro and I am sure the display needs some adjusting, but I know nothing about color science or the adjustment process. Sounds like this Colormunki thingy will take all the guess work out of the process for me.

Why do I even care? Well I want to make sure my art turns out the way I intended it be showcased, and to please you. My customers! So now I am waiting for my munki (hahaha) to show up, calibrate my computer, adjust my edit, and have my 5 test prints redone. That way I can compare new to old and make sure my adjustments worked. I am also thinking for all my fine art pieces I will be getting a test print made for each and every one. That way, I can pre-proof the shot before making a high-end piece of art just for you. Plus I am having the final product (for Fine Art only) shipped to me prior to you. Allowing me to give it a final once over approval and do my finishing touches.

Just wanted to showcase how much love and quality I want to provide in all my art for you!

Much Love,

Rozyboom :)