Stepping Up My Game

May 30, 2017

Past few months I've been thinking a ton about taking my photography seriously. I've reached out to all sorts of people to get a feel. Kept coming back with the same answer, "Ummm yes!" Ok maybe I should... I mean heck I even got a picture printed in the newspaper. I must be doing something right!

Untitled photo

I fell in love with taking pictures in high school. Old school 35mm film camera. I developed my film and made prints every day I could. I loved it from start to finish. But collage came and photography fell to the wayside. I barely touched a camera. Yeah I had a little point and shoot but it was a joke. Fast forward post college and that passion to take photos started burning again. I started using GoPros and a Olympus TG 2 camera more and more. As newer GoPros and TGs came out I upgraded, but I never got a full fledge camera. I didn't view myself as a photographer anymore. I also sure the heck didn't feel like I earned a camera.

This went on for the past few years. Then in 2014, I went on a 90 day NOLS course with a TG and broke it my 3 day in my winter section. Ok well at least I have a GoPro. However, GoPros were sweet but lacking with their first few renditions. Given I do highly appraise them for changing the game. Hell changing everything! They impacted and elevated extreme sports, movie, and much more to new heights. So technology keeps getting better and better, but I've burned through 3 TGs, at this point. Do I get another one or do I just use my GoPro Hero 5 Black (fantastic!) for everything? Orrr do I finally upgrade to a "big boy" camera? I call them that because I always thought there were only for professionals and I always view myself as a kid :)

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Well I'm happy to say I'm a new owner of a Sony a6300! Time to really step it up, push myself, and see how far photography will take me. There's tons still to come and I'm overflowing with excitement! I just really feel like this is a passion I need to fuel. Now it's time to take some classes and learn this baby, since I am totally lost with all these buttons, menus, settings, and the list goes on hahahaha. Again, I am new to cameras like this. So like Joe Rogan has said, "find something you suck at and get better at it". This is my suck and time to really get after it!