Step in the Right Direction

January 4, 2017

Past year has been a crazy one but in a really good way. Got hooked on completing my Minnesota State Park Project (you know 76 parks in 32 weeks!). Spent time in Alaska learning mountaineering with NOLS. Got into Stand Up Paddle Boarding, thanks to Hala! Bought a full suspension mountain bike, have yet to ride it but I know it is going to be awesome lol. Got a Jeep, LOVE! Finished my laser tattoo removal, allowing us to start my sleeve cover-up. Obtain ambassadorship/sponsorship with Onnit, Hala (well technically 2017), Surreal Sunglasses, and beyond Beanie! But most importantly, I was able to get out of my depression funk early in the year and stay out of it! I feel like I have crawled my way out of the deep dark hole and I have been filling it in with my passions, love, support, and just truly enjoying everything life has to offer.

Untitled photo

Pretty amazing what you can overcome when you focus on yourself both physically and mentally. I have been building my body up to really push myself with new challenges. I have a rough outline of some adventures I will be striving towards the first half of this year, which only scratches the surface. I also wrote out the skills I will be further developing and goals I am striving towards for this and years to come. I feel like many don’t actually put in the time to write out their goals in life. I am not sure why. Better to have it out of your head and onto paper (or computer) so you can see it, read it back to yourself, and most importantly cross it off when complete. I’m a huge fan of having a really big goal and breaking it down into small minor goals. These act as stepping stones and evaluation points to make sure you are on the right path. So far, I have been stepping in the right direction! I have achieved some of my goals but I am just getting warmed up.

2017 I am going to step it up a notch and really focusing on skill development. This will kick start some of the challenges, projects, and goals I have for myself. Now is the time to get after it!