Staying Focused

February 16, 2021

So much to do and so little time! One thing is for sure, I HAVE to train. Making sure I keep my body in tip top shape is vital to my success both physically and mentally. Feel like I'm pretty dialed in right now too. Mobility work, kettlebells, and bodyweight specific training daily. Having a ton of fun with it 💪

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Just like last year, I have a spring melt challenge paddle planned! 230+ miles this time, last year was 143 miles. Did last year's paddle in 3 days lol. So knowing me, I'll end up doing 40+ miles a day again. Just have to wait and see. Oh plus, a weekish long trip into the Boundary Waters in May 🙃 

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Until that point, I've been planning out my Jeep build and the master travel plans. You know. The TranaAm Trail I've talked about for years. Well, this is the year! Camper top is happening! New lift is already in. Kitchen drawer system is planned out, just need to build. Oh and a few other mods are in the works too. Then, the fun part of packing and organizing all my gear to hit the road. Going to spend the second half of the year on the trail. Testing out and seeing how everything pans out. If I'm doing well I'll keep er going! Just so many unknowns balancing work (working remotely), being "off the grid", and photography projects. Hope everything lines up how I'm thinking and it will. Given, I'm going to do everything I can to make it work! 

Playing in my sisters pond over Christmas and BAM Power steering gone. Got winched out by the bobcat and still drove 5 hours back to MN. Only a handful of turns and if you are moving it is still decent to steer, just take some effort.

2021 I'm PULLING THE PIN! Time to make shit happen and charge after my goals! Just need to stay focused and on the path I've paved for myself. Let's do this thing! 🙌🙌