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August 29, 2018

What a weekend. When you toss a good buddies bachelor party in with a tattoo convention things can get crazy. But I had a blast start to finish! Let’s dive into the Tattoo You Convention. My good buddy Adam Chiodo hooked me up with the event coordinator. They put me on the cancelation list and I found out I was getting a booth like 2-3 weeks prior. Did not leave much time to get ready, but I hammered out all the prints and the two albums. Also had to get a banner made too, which I made to look like my business cards. Keep in mind, this is my first time every having a booth or showcasing my work. I was so damn excited to see people reactions, make some sales, and get my name out there. The opportunity was huge and I didn’t want to pass it up. Thankfully, my buddy was totally understanding about it all, given I did make it for the first and last night of the bachelor party.

So everything was coming together quickly and I have to say the prints turned out amazing! The details and quality is second to none, thank you White House Custom Color. I went with 2 larger photos, 3 medium, and a bunch of smaller print. That way people were able to see the differences between a canvas, standout, metal, and fully customized print. At the same time, I made two amazing albums people were able to flip though, which everyone loved! They really were a huge hit! Many asked if they could get one, which I can/would do that but they are not cheap. Then again, art is not all that cheap in general and it was nice being around artist that understood that. The smaller photos were paper prints, again showcasing the different kinds of paper (luster, metallic, and deep matte) with 4x6, 8x10, and a few random sizes. I was selling those at $5, $10, and $20 which people really loved those prices and the prints, given the next show I am going to bring more Norway photos (big hit). Smart call on my part to have smaller takeaways like that though.


My goal was to breakeven with everything, but I would be extremely happy to just breakeven with the cost of the booth itself. I didn’t breakeven overall but I did with the booth and all the small prints! That is awesome! Adam said it’s pretty uncommon to make money off your first booth. Plus the amount of advertisement of just getting my name out there is priceless. So I feel I came out on top and super proud I put myself out there. I am not a huge crowd guy when I am a focus, remember I am always out in nature typically solo, so I was a little worried but I just put on my retail face and hammered it out! Also, the larger prints I can use for the next show, which I just reached out to get a booth, 2019 Minneapolis Tattoo Convention - 5 times larger. When I was writing this I just found out I got a booth for that show! Damn excited for that and to have more time to plan everything, maybe even get some fresh stuff just for the show.

Few highlight quotes from the show:

“DAMN! Your photos are so sick!”

“You took these? WOW! I’ve never seen anything like this” – This was said multiple times

“Do you shoot for National Geographic?” Me, “Ha nope but maybe one day”. Her, “Well with your work they would be lucky to have you”

“Is that even real?” Me, “Yup and I don’t use photoshop at all” Them, “Well I didn’t know the sky could light up like that” – Norway Aurora photo

“Dude your work is insane! You live a pretty awesome life, guessing you are single. (I laugh) Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos”

“At first, I was not sure why you were here, but I'm super happy you are! Your work is amazing! I want to tattoo this on someone” – Tattoo Artist

“How the fuck did you take that?! My mind is blown! But for real, HOW?”

“Can I travel in your back pocket?” Me, “Sure if you can fit” Her, “I will make it fit” – hahahah she gave me her number

“I’m so happy I said yes to getting you a booth. Might be one of my favorite aspects of the show this year. Your work makes me want to travel again” – Dave – Event coordinator.

Top Liked Photos

The list can go on and on. I am really happy with everyone’s reaction to my work. So many people gave me so many awesome complements. Really made me feel awesome and I stood proud knowing I am doing what I love and people are actually loving the result too. I clearly am on the right path! Now to get some new material for the next show, which I am going to focus on some pretty interesting stuff. Let’s just say Halloween and hunting seasons is coming, which I want to get some behind the scenes bloody shots, bones, skulls, and more. I am also going to get more Norway photos and others that really give that WOW factor. So overall, the show was a super smart move for me and I am looking forward to the next one already. Speaking of that I have the application to fill out now.

Peter Pan pose for the win
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