Road Less Traveled

October 4, 2016

I find myself in some remote areas for just being a few hours away from home. No cell service, dirt roads or roads that have not been repaired in some time, and places that only take cash. Stuff like that. Just off the beaten path, which I love! I’m able to get a better feel for the area when I don’t have all those distractions and inputs coming my way. I’m really able to step back and take in the beauty in front of me instead of focusing on all the negativity and crap on social media now of days. Don’t get me wrong, I love what social media is able to achieve and I use it. But I limit myself and tend to unfollow or delete things that are negative. I dislike seeing or reading about things that just have that dark cloud kind of feeling. Joe Rogan has mentioned a number of times how; we are not built to take in that much information. Not to mention all the negativity, trolling (whatever that is), and all that other crap flying around.

Take my buddy for example. He is stepping away from some main social media forms because he noticed how it has having a negative impact on his life, which I totally get! It affects everyone differently and I’m just saying to take that moment to step back and truly look at your inputs. Are they positive, uplifting, inspirational, help you achieve your personal happiness, goals, and dreams? Or are they showcasing all the horror taking place, negative, disrespectful, and dividing?

I’m not saying we need to ignore it all together because some of it is important to know what is going on, but how much of it is real? How much of it is amplified because blood sells? How much of it is just to scare people? That is what pops in my head when I see stuff like that. What is XYZ trying to achieve? Remember, every click you make is showing that you “support” whatever it is you clicked on in one way shape or form. We are not able to take clicks back and social media is snowballed off clicks, likes, follows, and shares.

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So get out on the roads less traveled. Be nice and respectful. Give back. Connect with Mother Nature. Disconnect negative inputs. Explore our lovely world. Paddle a lake or river. Let it buck on the mountain bike trails. Just do what makes you happy! Follow and click on what fuels your passion(s)! Spread the love and positivity! Reach for greatness and share it with others! I’ll see you at the top or on our next adventure together :)