Recapping 2017

January 2, 2018

Just spend some time looking back at 2017. What went well, what sucked, what I can improve, what I loved, and what made me laugh. Feel like my Adventure Logs are looking pretty awesome, but I am always thinking of ways to improve them. I do have to say is there are a shit ton of photos, clearly I enjoy taking pictures and love being on the water. Most of my adventures are paddling, Lake Days, or simply just hiking around waterfalls. Heck I even have pictures of Lana in the water.

I feel like I belong on the water. Maybe that is my direction and calling in life. Yeah I love skiing, Jeeping, mountain biking, and all the other stuff I do. But I feel like my connection with water is the strongest. Yeah skiing it up there, I just struggle with keeping my toes warm, because my dumbass got them frostbit back in 2016. Running around barefoot. For a mile in the dead of winter. Idiot! I can see me getting really into skiing if I lived closer to mountains.

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But this journal entry is not to talk about my love for the water. It is to think and reflect on 2017. I have to say, 2017 was probably one of my favorite years! Feel like I had a solid direction on where I want to take my life. Spent a lot of time meditation, reflecting, and just thinking about different avenues I potentially could go. My adventures and trips started getting bigger, longer, more demanding, and more awesome like Vietnam. Instead of working on a single project like I did in 2016. I wanted to work more on myself, my skills set, and develop myself further in areas I saw fit. 

The biggest area was photography. In the middle of summer, I finally got a "big boy camera". I spent a chunk of money on a solid setup. That made my passion for photography and documenting adventures skyrocket. Whenever I got back from an adventure, I was excited to start working on photos and the write up. I always though how this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I am supposed to be out in nature pushing myself, my gear, and my friends to new heights!

I am not build to be stuck in a cubical crunching numbers, fixing people's fuck ups because they don't do what they are supposed to be doing (cough and are paid for it...), and all the other bull shit that comes with the corporate world. Don't get me wrong I love my immediate coworkers, we are #oneteamonedream and are family. I am just sick of all the other nonsense that goes on almost a daily basis. All of this really started to wear on me and I started thinking about starting my own business more and more.

It all started becoming more clear as the year passed on. So much positive feedback from Jeepers, saying I needed to sell my work. Being printed in the newspaper. Plus more feedback from friends and family saying, "When the heck can buy your photos?!". Pretty much, everyone telling me I need to sell prints. Not going to argue with them, seemed like a perfect fit. But I wanted my business to be something I could just naturally do, be creative, showcase my art, and produce something I would be proud of, which selling prints checks all of those boxes! So I started Rozyboom Adventures LLC and paired up with WHCC for my print lab. Keep in mind, I didn't pull the trigger on this until super late in the year. Yeah it was heavily on my mind late summer into fall, but I really didn't get serious with it until around Thanksgiving.

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Then I hopped over to Vietnam to meet up with Marni for 10 days. We traveled around Northern Vietnam doing a variety of actives. I was blown away how cheap everything was. Like no joke, I could sell most of what I had, move over there, and have a fulfilling life without working a day in my life. Really opened my eyes on what I was doing to myself back in the United States. I need to make some serious adjustments and changes to my overall plans, some things I enjoy might not make the cut.

Again, this entry is not about that. It is to talk about how awesome 2017 really was! The amazing adventures I went on solo or with outstanding friends. Learned ton about Jeeping. Got a camera. Started my business. Developed new skills while perfecting older skills. Teaching myself new things. Getting out of my comfort zone. But most importantly, just having fun! So many get caught up in all the noise and forget we only get one life. Remember, do what you love, be with who you love, and spread the love! It really was an awesome year :)

Ps this almost nailed me in the head hahaha

Special thank you and much love to Hala and Phat Fudge - Mary! Let's crush it in 2018 :)

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