Pump the Brakes

November 16, 2016

I might be old fashion, but I don’t understand why everyone is in a rush to get everywhere. They are acting like they are entitled to everything they “want” and “NEED IT NOW”. I am curious how someone gets off thinking our world revolves around them. How does one become like that? Do they even notice they are coming off rude, mean, or downright nasty to other individuals by their actions and words? Don’t they know we're just a speck of dust in the vast ever extending cosmos.

Great example: I was getting tailgated and honked at the other day driving home because I was not going the speed the individual behind me wanted to go, I was driving the speed limit in the right-hand lane. I come to find out they were trying to get to a fast food drive thru about two miles up the road… Like not even an emergency, which I would have totally understood. The shear tenacity of that individual to display how I was directly “negatively” impacting their day by just simply “being in their way”. Not to mention the individual gave me the middle finger… My brain does not even compute what took place. So did I get upset by their actions? No! Not one bit. I simply smiled, and continue enjoying my life and the song playing, but it did make me think about time.

I get it. Most are bounded to the concept of time. Time is a stressor to most, which tends to be a negative stress. Irony in that is how negative stress can have a negative impact on the body and mind, resulting in less time and hinders one well-being in the end. But what if I told you time is just a figment of your imagination? What if you lived for 150 years, no wait 200, better yet make it 500 years. Would you act and react the same way or would you view the world and your existence in a different way? Are you here to “turn and burn” or are you here to leave a meaningful positive impact on the world and society as a whole?

Take some time to pump the brakes and enjoy the little things in life. Stop and watch a sunset. Think about what are you going to contribute to society and what are you wanting to achieve during this part of your life journey. There is so much to enjoy, love, see, and experience throughout life and the cosmos. So stop, and truly think before you act or speak. I would love to see you striving for your personal greatness as you fuel your passion(s) along the way. That is my challenge to you.