Pin Has Been Pulled!

August 5, 2022

Man on man it has been a minute since I last wrote a journal entry. Life has been crazy and interesting the past few years. Had major trips planned, like the Trans-Am Trail, but everything came to a screeching halt with the vid. Given, that first summer was a blast with my friends up at the cabins. Something like 14 long weekends at the cabin over the summer, aka every weekend. We still managed ski trips in the winter even with the vid crap going on. Oh and I also still got out on some solo trips too. However, I did set my camera down after my road trips last September, and honestly have not picked it up since. At the same time, I stopped posting on social media. Spent more quality time with friends and family the past year instead. I also put my phone on silent with no vibration or anything. I only look at it when I want to look at it. I’ve just been biking a shit ton like 4-7 days a week and working on my health. I have been having major sinus issues the past few months, which we are finally starting to figure out why.

Anywho, a few years back I was told, “Pull the pin!” on my dreams. The gentleman that said those exact words to me had his life drastically change in a blink of an eye. He caught a stray bullet to the spin, putting him in a wheelchair. After a long recovery, he decided he still wanted to see and do all the things he dreamed of. So he set off doing just that across the world with his wife. To this day, I still repeat that line to myself. WELL! I am happy to announce that I have finally pulled the motherfucking pin! I am retiring from the corporate world!

The moment Raphael said, "Thank you brother, you helped make a dream come true." You are very welcome and much love!

Yes, I said retiring because I am NEVER going back to the corporate world. I am done with the corporate bullshit that always takes place. Time to start living my life to the fullest doing exactly what I want. This has been YEARS in the making, since I kept spending money on stupid stuff and always saying yes to trips. There were a few moments I almost pulled the pin, but I am super happy I waited. I feel like I am finally in the perfect position to make it happen.

So what now? Well, I’m going to attend Dunwoody Technical college for Auto Body. Yup, going back to my roots and passion for working on cars. Back in high school I did a 2 year tech degree for automotive technician, but my poor driving record (6 speeding tickets) was preventing me from getting a job in the industry. Businesses would not insure me to test drive cars. I didn’t know what to do at the time, so I went to the U of M for business. Did business shit for 12+ ish years now and well I am just done with it. Learned a ton, but I was never passionate about it. It was just a means to make just enough money to have a great time, but I never really got ahead. I had a shit ton of debt over the years from college, medical crap, and well spending what I did earn as fast as possible. Now I’m pretty much hitting the restart button, with a little coin in my pocket this time around. Allowing me to 100% focus on building my skills and craft for building awesome vehicles. None of this working full time while in school full-time bullshit I’ve done in the past.

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Complete mix bag of emotions starting to take place as I am now jobless, for the first time since I was 16. This is going to be crazy weird, but I know with all my heart this is the right move. Some think I’m nuts from leaving a solid corporate gig, but I have nothing left to give to that job. I’ve just been coasting this last year(s), while I broke all my life goals down and rebuilt them into what I have now. Spent a ton of time looking through the years I have lived on this planet and it always came back to cars. The cool part is how all my life experiences and other activities fit perfectly into car builds. I’m able to pull inspiration from all of it and build some unique stuff. The goal is to have my own small shop. Enough space to work on 1-3 vehicles at a time, maybe not even that. I’m not looking to have a massive team that you see on TV. Heck, I more so have been thinking of being just a solo guy that pulls in people when needed. I’ll go and learn new techniques from someone and bring that skillset back to my builds. Got to keep learning and growing in the car industry.

My focus will be Jeeps, Restomod, Overland, and one off builds. Oh toss in a motorcycle and other random fun stuff while we are at it, to help keep some money and creative juices flowing. Not looking to do the typical 1969 whatever restoration. Just go to a car show, do we really need another original XYZ build? I’m also not looking to do client builds, because I don’t want to be restricted to their checklist, constant adjustments along the way, or parts they already purchased that don’t really work. I’ve seen that model and it just seems like a stress cluster fuck waiting to happen. I’m more so planning to build my name/brand/garage as a place you WANT to get a vehicle from. Quality, safety, simplicity, and fun will be the top priorities for my shop. Jeeps and Restomod builds will be my bread and butter, turn and burn kind of builds. Get all the parts ordered, find the vehicle (body and frame mostly), and go to town. Knocking them out in a shorter time period. Overland builds will be less common, but I have a bunch of ideas for some crazy overland builds. Ultimate road trippers tailor to the adventures one will encounter along the way. Some specialized in warmer climates, some winter climates, and some all 4 seasons. The one off build(s) will be just that. A one and only kind of build, which will take serious time, engineering, and development to make happen. These will be pushing my skills and the envelope kind of builds. They will be a high end big buck kind of build. Something I am always working on in the background between the other builds.

Dad got me in action

I want to make sure I don’t get lost in the shop, where all I do is work. Big reason I don't want a client project business model. They always seem to have some crazy short deadlines. I want to make sure I can say yes to trips, spend time with friends and family, and still obtain some personal adventure goals of mine. I have learned how to live off of very little the past few years, as I hammered my debt down. Will have to make sure I stick to the cash lifestyle. Ideally, my shop is also my home or at least have the pull barn style shop with a little house on the same property. Not looking for much since I still pretty much live out of duffle bags always ready to go somewhere. I know it will take some time to make this happen, but that’s ok with me. I want to make sure I do it right the first time. Until I get my own place, I’m hoping to find a local shop with similar interests as me to learn and gain experience from. Along with potentially traveling to learn from others as well. I have come to learn YOU have to be the one to make it happen. You have to be willing to go places, put yourself out there, and be ok knowing you know nothing about something. So may fail before they even start because they get frustrated they are not awesome the first time they do something. I know this going into all of this. I know I have a SHIT ton to learn, but I am crazy excited to learn it all.

Time to put in the work. Time to learn. Time to follow my passions on all levels. Time to build some cool shit. Time to make it happen. Time to pull the pin!!


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