Mixed Up

October 30, 2016

Been just over a week since I completed my Minnesota State Park Project annnd it's weird. Mostly in the way like it is actually done, which is good and bad. Clearly I totally have mixed feeling about it all. Part of me is thrilled and excited I completed it just for the sheer fact the goal is completed. However, a huge part of me is like "Fwak! What now?!" Ha that also happens to be the question on everyone else's mind as well, whenever they talk with me.

But first, I need to really take a step back to reflect on what I truly just completed. 76 State Parks in 32 weeks! Toss in the countless miles driven and over 550 miles hiked, biked, paddle boarded, and more. Not to mention, gazillion pictures taken to document the whole thing. Pretty sweet accomplishment that I'm able to hold my head high, which I do :)

Alrighty, now time to kick around some ideas, look into different areas, and discover new challenges. Some of you have heard me mention about 50 Classic Ski Decents in North America to paddling a 150-200+ miles on Nala to National Park Project. All might be true all might be bogus. I'm not 100% sure yet, which is a great thing. I don't want to rush into anything without having a better understanding of each avenue first. Thankfully, I just started working for REI again! Seasonal help nights and weekends. This will give me some time to step back and reflect on the different avenues, while helping others pick out awesome gear for their adventure. Heck might get inspired or discover another avenue in the process. Who knows! Plus getting some gear myself :)

For now, keep looking into the different avenues and continue to train my body and mind. Have some fun challenging ideas I want to do for training. Time to step it up and make it more.. well.. AWESOME!