Making Adjustments

May 7, 2019

Been awhile since I wrote a journal. Figured I should give an update on the ol body and mind. Winter season was awesome! Progressed a ton skiing, since I went into the season strong. Lot’s of training prior because I had to bust my ass after my neck injury. Ya know, when I slightly pushed 4 vertebrates forward from my neck snapping back. I got those put back into place and started training right way. Then, December came around and I noticed I had a “cold” that was not going away. It got worse around the holidays. I kind of always dealt with being sick “all the time”, but this was different. I wanted to wait till the ski season was mostly over before changing things up. I didn’t want to crush all the progress I had. Again, one of the best ski seasons I’ve had, but it whipped me out. Mentally, I wanted to keep training my ass off and pushing myself more and more, but physically I was just hacking up mucus non stop (damn post nasal drip), when exercising. Something was up and needed some investigating.

Like I mentioned, I have been dealing with this same sickness for years on and off. Stuffy nose, post nasal drip, slight cough, and on/off migraines. Some things trigger it and others seem to have no impact. But I want to get to the root cause of all this bullshit, crush it, and move on. First thing I looked at was my environment. I noticed I was not getting sick when traveling, but would always get stuffy at home. So I gutted my room, bleached the floor and walls, and resealed/painted my bedroom floor (concrete floor). I also bought a kickass air purifier, that I love! Made sure to deep clean everything in my room and my roomates (parents) cleaned the rest of the house. Seemed to make a little difference but was still not getting better. I spend a solid amount of time in my Jeep, but there is nothing really in the Jeep and I am going to do a deep clean it today. My work, is an open work environment, which people are sick all the time. Hacking, coughing, and sneezing is a common noise you hear throughout the day, even over my headphones. So clearly there is shit floating around, but I tend to stick to areas with less people and work at home one or more days a week. Looking to up the days I can work at home to not be in that environment so much. So overall, I think my environment is alright, yeah there is still allergy shit outside, but again outside never bothered me when on trips like my multi day road trips, week in the BWCA, or weeks traveling around the world. Hummm… What that to look at next?

Rozyboom Special :)

Food! What the heck am I putting in my body? Is the the right combination? Have things changed over the years? And many other questions came to mind. So I reached out to my good friend Sarah Southerton. She told me about histamines and that when you develop too much of it in the body, it can turn into histamine intolerance, which affects how your body functions. It also causes headaches, brain fog, nasal congestion, sinus issues, digestive issues, and much more. Ok well I have a bunch of those issues... We might be onto something. Sarah continued on telling me, how if your histamine levels get too high your body can't break down and detox the histamine properly. Histamines are found in food and in your environment, which I am looking into both, food especially. Key is to keep ones exposure to a minimum, along with allergens, allowing the body to do its detoxing thing. Sarah herself has histamine intolerance and follows a low histamine lifestyle, which she gave me a bunch of tips and I really appreciated it. If you or anyone interested in her help, she's a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Candidate and is starting a small business to coach people how to heal from histamine intolerance and other chronic illnesses. if interested, let me know I can hook you up with her contact info. 

Ok what am I eating? I am eating an avocado a day with spinach, nuts (for snack), and fermented foods. Oh plus, alcohol every weekend, which I would get crazy bad hangovers. All of those are high histamine foods. Maybe I overdid those foods and need to scale back or cut them out all together, similar to what I did with Peanuts years ago. Plus, thinking about traveling I tend to eat what the locals eat, which most of those foods I listed are not apart of their diet, typically. Plus, I use the local spices and buy what is actually in season in that area, how most the world eats/works, only in the US can you buy shit out of season. Ok I might be onto something now.

I know protein and fats have always been my best friend. I don’t really crave sugar and carbs, but will crush a cookie when I see it lol. As for protein, I always stuck to meats, eggs, fish, and nuts. I completely just cut nuts out of my diet. If I have issues with peanuts who’s to say I don’t have an issue with the others. Nuts are a pretty dirty food source when you really look at them, which this kind of sucked because trail-mix (no peanut kind) was my jam on the road and at snack time. But again, most are crazy stupid dirty. So goodbye nuts! Ok fish. I don’t eat a ton of fish because I typically only eat it when traveling (common local food) or fish I caught. Sometimes have some Tuna, wild caught Salmon, or other healthy white fish. Again, not something I eat all the time, even more so these days with microplastic in most fish. Eggs are a double edged sword for me. I can eat them, but not all the time. This is something I tested around the same time as peanuts. Moderation is key, unlike how I used to eat 3 every morning everyday in the past. Let’s look at meat. Ok our house is a grass-feed beef, free range poultry, and wild game (whenever I get my hands on some) household. Quality meat is key to us. Most meat we cook for dinner and I utilized the leftovers on my daily spinach salad, which now I am just cutting the salad part out. Mimic more what I eat when traveling. When I looked back at trip photos, I almost always had meat and veggies for dinner most nights. So why not do that at home? Then, mimic that for lunch too.

Oh baby look at that! You can eat well in the backcountry

What about Fats? Knowing my body is more of a fat burner than carb/sugar, since I made it that way. I need to make sure I am getting my fats. Solid amount comes from leaving and eating whatever fat was on the meat. Other sources like MCT oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and good healthy fats like that are still common in my diet, but I could utilize them a little more. I did cut out avocados, which is a healthy fat but three out of five in my family struggle to eat avocados. Their stomach turns on them and/or gets the shits. Might be TMI, but knowing how your body reacts to stuff is HUGE! Fats are pretty easy to figure out, just keep em clean.

Last food groups are veggies and fruits. Fruits I really only ate avocados, but recently cut them out all together. Sometimes I will have an apple, some berries, or grapes but again that is not common at all. Most fruits are super high in sugar (DUH!) and like I said, I am a fat burner. Veggies I used to hate growing up, now I love em! Mushrooms, onion, garlic, peppers (hot and mild - love jalapenos!), and a bunch of other veggies I eat all the time. I don’t overdo them but also make sure I get plenty of them in my diet. I would also put my vitamins in this category, like vitamin C (throughout the day) and vitamin D, Super Garlic (morning and night), Elderberry (when sick), Zinc (with food), Magnesium (post training and before bed), and a probiotic (twice a day) to round out my diet. Those have always been a staple in my diet, well I just recently added a probiotic back into my diet. Again, keeping the veggies up and fruits down.

Ok so I cut a bunch of my diet out, which means I need to fill it in with other stuff. Hence meats. I upped my meat/protein and veggies from what I used to get. I cut nuts, avocados, fermented foods, and alcohol completely out, which I will do so for a few more weeks. Then I can test what works and what does not work, but honestly I am not really missing any of those foods. Yeah I could go for a beer, but I know that is always a slippery slope with me. One tends to lead to three or more. Again, not when I am traveling, I tend to stick to just one or two beers due to price and I do like to grab a pint and catch up with others. I also just tested coffee. I cut it out for 2 weeks and had two cups today. Second cup my stomach started to turn, ok so maybe only one cup, but it is so damn tasty. Focusing on getting healthy is key right now and if coffee does not work, well get it out of here!

Oh wait this GoPro is still on?! hahaha Yeah I rock my camera around my neck in my skibbies taking photos while paddling around

Oh one other thing I consume on the regular, well almost daily, is Cannabis. I eat it and smoke it outside of work, there is a time a place for everything. I have played around with different types/kind throughout the years. Along with using it vs not using it, just smoke or just eat, with my own testing for month spans, give or take. I will say, I LOVE how in CO (and other parts of the US) you can pick exactly what you want and are getting legit quality. Sometimes I question what I got from XYZ person. Yeah it looks alright and smells good, but is it an indica or a sativa?! What are the levels of CBD and/or THC? How old is it? Was it treated with anything? How was it grown? And so many other questions come to mind, yet one cannot answer. It is way easier to know you are getting organic foods at the grocery store because there are labels, but when you are buying something from XYZ person ya don’t really have a clue, downside of not getting it from a dispensary. I know this is not a popular topic, but it’s pretty pathetic how a big part of society views something so helpful for so many as this damaging aspect to society. I have seen it drastically improve the quality of people lives, including my own. Look at my list of injuries, near death experiences, and consistent headaches I deal with, which it helps tremendously with all of that. But then, I know some “stoners” that smoke all day everyday and are always in a fog, but that is the path they have chosen. No different than an alcoholic, obese person (yeah fat people that abuse the shit out of food, there I said it), or even worse pill popper. Those are the real drugs of the world and have done way more damage over anything, along with how the US destroyed its food sources with how agriculture is performed these days. I have been fucked over so many times by doctores over the years with the whole, take this and this to cover up that, but make sure to take this too to help with what you just took. Next thing you know you are on like 10 meds shitting your brains out asking “Why me!?”. It all comes down to the consumer and how they are utilizing something, or in some cases abusing. There are plenty of days I would not sleep without it and I refuse to take some bullshit over the counter or prescribed anything, keeping it all natural for me thank you very much. This is a topic I could talk a lot about and I challenge anyone to call me a lazy stoner. Come spend a day with me and see what is up, I will bike or paddle circles around ya.

So I feel I am onto the right path with my diet and will continue to test and play around with foods. I’ve been doing this for years and I know the body is always changing. I am excited to see what will come up these next few weeks. In the meantime I have been and will continue to work on my body. Need to spend more time scraping muscles, stretching ligaments and tendons, and building up my muscles for endurance and functional movements. Trigger points is a new thing I am really going to focus on since my kesonologist put me into the high/pro athlete category. Most pro athletes have other pros looking and taking care of their bodies with massaging, fascia scraping, and other recovery methods. I get to keep on doing the training I have been doing, since it clearly has been working. Just need that extra recovery time and paying a little more attention to the details. So GAME ON baby! Time to ramp it back up and see where this body can take me. My eye are still set on paddling around Isle Royale National Park aka 120 ish miles around. More to come on that and an update down the road.

Ok well this started the idea for the next project. Project Alpine Lakes - More to come about that :)