Letting Go

June 14, 2018

Well.. Had a friendly reminder how gravity and the universe gives no shits about you. I was working in the garage putting stuff away and cleaning up. I was putting the motorcycle trunk (back storage thingy) up in the rafters in the garage, to get it out of the way. As I was stepping down the ladder it sprung open and fell. Landing right onto my motorcycle tank, putting a dent in it.. I was furious since I put so much time into that tank. I got so pissed I smashed the trunk and tossed it into the garbage.

Son of a BITCH!!! This sucks but whatever adds character :)

I then decided to channel the frustration into my biking. Went to my favorite paved trail to crank out 20-21 miles, which happened to be my highest average speed yet. I was thinking more and more about the dent and how much bullshit it was, but how does that help. It does not fix the dent. Then I started to think about how the bike is going to get beat up over the years. It's my adventure bike, it will see some abuse for sure. I continued to think about on my bike ride. Then,  I decided I needed a SUPyoga session.


SUPyoga takes over your whole mind. You need to focus completely in the moment. Fully letting go is key to staying on top of the board. That's when it really hit me. What is the point in being upset? It does not help anything. Again, you can not beat gravity. At the same time, how is getting upset or even spending the resources removing the dent going to help progress me to my next level. It's NOT! The only thing I can do is to stay positive, let go of things we can never control, get over the materialistic mindset. Plus the whole having to have the best looking XYZ. Who cares!? I know it gets to me only because I like to take care of my gear, but again something I can not control. Just need to think of it like my Jeep. It will get beat up for sure. Heck if anything this helps keep people away since it is not "perfect". This also gives me a reason to build another bike down the road! The most important lesson is keeping calm and staying positive. Just knowing anything can happen without notice. Ha look at the scares all over my body. Just goes to show things do not always go as planned. But being ok with that is key and to keep hammering. So I am going to work more and more on letting go. Letting go of all the bullshit in the world. Letting go how I think other think of me. Just doing my thing knowing I am doing what I love in life.