Horizon of Possibilities

September 17, 2018

I am looking at the horizon for new possibilities. The possibilities of changing my career and my way of life. For far too long, I have been wanting to change things up with what I do for a living. I have been feeling stuck. Worried I am not able to leave my job due to debt. But after taking a closer look I have found a way to make it happen! Some might think I am crazy, which I might be. But I am planning on leaving the corporate world, liquidating my 401K, and using that money to pay off my debt around the end of next year maybe sooner. Payments have been killing me and I feel like I can not get ahead of them. I see a way and I am going for it.

The sweet part is I have slowly becoming used to not having a ton of money due to paying out so much in bills. Given, I clearly need to be a little more stick with my spending an not just putting anything and everything on a credit card. Yes, I have cut up my cards. All except one and I found myself pulling  it out far to many times. I need to walk the walk and only give myself X amount for X time and that is it. Make sacrifices. Say no to expensive dinners, that expensive beers, or just nights out in general. Save up for a trip instead of just charging it. Yes, this will change my way of life but that is actually what I really need. I need to really earn my way through life. Not just charging it and deal with it later. Then the payment comes.. Instead, start actually saving money to help grow in the direction I would love to go, Airbnb/resort. But also, get away from the corporate world that has been.. well just a bitch to deal with.

That’s why in 2019, I am going to start SUPing with Rozyboom. What's that? Well it’s going to be a service I am will be offering! Taking people out to learn Stand Up Paddle boarding skills with 101 type classes all the way up to full fledge destination adventures trips. I have a ton to still figure out and line up before I can really start to offer it, like insurance, new website, and so on. This will be combining a few of my passions into one, like paddling, photography, traveling, and teaching. This also gets people the opportunity to demo a Hala SUP to see what it is all about. Opportunity to get out in nature, disconnect from their phones, and work on themselves physical and mentally. To showcase what it has done for me by helping pull me out of a dark place. I am the most happiest when I am paddling, skiing, or mountain biking. Oh and taking photos, duh! Lol.

Anywho, if you really like it and want to dive deeper, you can take the more advanced options I will be offering. You can also use my promo code to get a discount on your own board! The sweet part is how this business structure will be transferable anywhere I go in the world. With the potential to turn into something pretty awesome! I have a ton of idea and avenues I want to go with this, but first I need to make some moves and get the business structure established. I have already reached out to a few people I know are currently doing this sort of thing in different parts of the United States. I also looked into potential part/full-time gigs I can work in the mornings, to ideally get personal health insurance, since most of these classes/course/trips will be offered at night or on the weekends. So the process has already started. I just need to make sure I stay focused this time around. I tend to hop all over the place, I am sure some of you know all about that hahaha. But I have to say, this is the one avenue I really really love. I am super excited just to talk about it. I can’t stop thinking about it! I just want to do it now, but I need to just hammer out a few months to get myself setup better.

Untitled photo

Sometimes one needs to do something drastic to wake up and/or move forward. Starting a business is always a risk and I want to fully commit to providing the best SUP experience I can. I want people to fall in love with paddling like I have. I want people to be inspired to follow their goals and dreams in the world, like I will be doing. Lastly, I want to finally walk the fucking walk! 

Oh baby we are ready to launch! But first Lana needs to get parked.

This is going to be fun :)