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Game Plan

January 29, 2019

Some go through life with a plan, some coast, and other just wing it. I like to think I have a combination of a plan and winging it. So a technical wing?! I plan stuff out, HA just look at my tracker spreadsheet (breaks EVERYthing down), but at the same time I love to keep my options open for winging it. Some days,  just need to see where the adventure takes ya by saying, “YES!”. I did that hardcore for a few years, which I am paying for it now debt wise. Might have said, “yes” a little more than I should have. BUT I gotta say, it was fantastic! I learned so much about myself, the world, direction I want to go with my life, and so so much more. I would not trade it for anything or say I regret it, because I don’t regret anything in life. Everything we experience is just that, an experience. Something we can learn and grow from; or something we can look back and reflect on how awesome or terrible a situation was. Either way, we are here, together, around the universe, at this point in time. Past is the past. It molded us into who we are today, but it does not dictate when to stop molding. We decide that. To keep on keeping on, to add more layers, or to take the design in a new direction.

Recently, I figured out there are better and smarter ways to have both a plan and winging it. Having the plan helps me I stay on track with my goals. Yet, being able to wing it allows me to keep my inner child alive. This is something I focused intensely on this past year. Due to that, I am going to be launching my own Stand-Up Paddle boarding outing service called, SUPing with Rozyboom! This service I fully believe I will be fantastic at! Combining my passions for SUPing with photography, travel, teaching, mentoring, and all things outdoors into one. Taking people out for their first time paddling, learning new skills, exploring paddle destinations, or simply pushing themselves to level up. This would not be possible if I didn’t plan. Registering, investing, building, creating, tracking, singing up, allocating, and so on are all aspects of kicking a business off the ground. My favorite part, is reached out to companies to team up or to pick the brains of others. I also enjoy making short term goals, long term goals, potential expansions, and other future state aspirations. It helps give me a direction, since I am easily distracted.

Love this place!

One of the next stages to the plan (2020) is building a Skoolie. Skoolie is a school bus converted into a living space, like what people do with vans. I am picking a school bus for a few reasons. Big one, is how half is going to be a garage/toy hauler for motorcycles, mountain bikes, paddle boards (blown up) and all the other gear. Wintertime still have most of that, but swap motorcycles and mountain bikes for snowmobiles and skis to ski bum it. Custom ramp and backdoor to get stuff in and out easy. Trailer hitch to flat tow Lana. Rest of the bus is the living space. Couchs, kitchen, shower, composting crapper, bunk beds, and hammock hooks. Plus, storage for all the other clothing and what have ya. Whole thing insulated for extended winter adventures, solar to be off the grid, and using as much repurposed everything I can. So it will be my traveling basecamp, that I can take 6-8 others with me on adventures, or just live out of it myself. I’ll be able to access whatever wherever I want. If the bus can’t take me somewhere I bet the Lana (Jeep) or Rozyboom Power (paddling, hiking, biking, so on) can. SUPing with Rozyboom will transition into more destination paddles, but still offering night paddles for first timers and nights to level up your skills, locations will change based on where I am. Ton more to come on this, but just highlighting how it is all apart of the plan. Even better, the amount of winging it once built and traveling around is going to be amazing!

Remember, I still want to be able to wing it. Gotta keep my inner child alive. Most of my favorite moments in life came from winging it. All of the activities I do are all off a total wing. Oh that looks pretty awesome, I give it a go. Bought a mountain bike, skis, paddle board, Jeep, motorcycle, and so on. All off a wing and all before I even really tried them. Heck I didn’t even know how to drive a motorcycle before buying and rebuilding one. I just dove in. Yeah I had a rough idea, but didn’t I know all of these wings would mold me into who I am today. Not a fucking clue. It was a wing!

Well new tires are on. So time to upgrade the front end

Traveling is an interesting one. I’d call that a technical wing, which is how I live most my life. Have a plan and decent idea, but you have to wing it along the way. Opens so many more awesome doors. Again, these are favorite moments in life. Like random peak hike in Norway but happening to catch the aurora on the way down. We were there for 9 days in February, living out of a van, with no plan. Just wanted a photo of the aurora that was it. Saw a peak and was like yeah lets do it, and so we did lol and the aurora happened to come out and play. Whole trip turned into one of my favorite adventures, all off a wing. Wings are what makes life fun, mysterious, captivating, inspiring, and just fucking awesome. They allow us to keep challenging ourselves. Presents a spot on the map to explore. Uncovers a new skill to learn. Allows us to experience the activities we have always wanted. Without winging it, a lot of these opportunities would never arise. Ya need to trust them and utilize them! Otherwise, you end up coasting through life and I don’t get people who just coast.

“Insanity is coasting through life in a miserable existence when you have a caged lion locked inside and the key to release it.”

- Morgan Freeman

Let that sink in a bit.

Yes, I did read it with his voice too lol.

So do ya have a game plan to crush life from this point onward?

If so, show us what you got!

If not, maybe this can be your wakeup call.

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