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Cutting It Up and Moving Onward

April 9, 2017

Some are going to think I am crazy. Some are going to look up to me. All I know is I am tired of being owned by someone else. Past year, I have really been focused on my gear. Ha phrasing! What I’m talking about is all the gear needed for SUPing, Biking, Camping, Hiking, Training, Jeeping, and for all the other activities I do. I used my Minnesota Project as a test facility to get everything figured out. I have tried multiple brands, different setups, and now feel like I really have it dialed in for me. This is great because now it’s time to start the next stage. Time to end this crap, hit the road, and see where the adventure takes me.

What I mean by this, is how I just cut up my credit cards and will be spending the next year or so paying off every cent I own to anyone. You know credit cards, student loans, cars, and all that crap. I feel like the only way to truly be free and doing what I love, is to be 100% me. Not worried about paying a bill, going down a career path that is not for me, and all the other bull shit involved around making “money”.

It’s so easy to just swipe a card and worry about it later. When later comes you say, “screw it” and move onto the next card. Yeah I was that stupid. Hard part is I make pretty damn good money and have little expenses beside debt. So it never fazed me to charger damn near everything. Even though I have all this sweet stuff and plans to see the world, I am currently trapped. Yeah I could just put up my hands and walk away, but people will come after me, money is kind of big deal. Or I can keep on chugging along on the same path, charging away, “living the dream”. OR I cut ties, payoff everything, finish my adventure Jeep build, hit the ultimate reset button, and really see where this path will take me.

Ummmm I’ll take the button :)

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