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Course Correction

September 13, 2016

First post! I figured I would just dive right in. Around a year ago, I was just starting to get my strength back in my left wrist. I fractured my scaphoid bone during a stupid mistake skiing, which had me in a cast for 7-8 weeks.. Yeah not ideal, but whatever it happens. Anyways, I was getting my strength back and I knew I really needed to change a lot about myself. I knew without a change I would continue onward down a dark rabbit hole. I decided to overhaul everything! My workout, diet, outlook, word choice, pretty much everything was impacted or touched by this course correction

First, I really focused on the injuries I’ve collected over the years, but also my word choice. Workout turned into training, diet turned into intake, negative into positive, chaos into peaceful, worried into fuck it :) I stared seeing improvements in my performance and I was thirsty for more. Ramped up my training and dialing in my intake to the foods my body loves, while still testing it for that right combination. Body is feeling fantastic, but I needed to focus more on my mind. While being tattooed, Adam was listening to a Joe Rogan Experience Podcast featuring Aubrey Marcus. This was my first time hearing one of his podcast and it just happened to be with the founder of Onnit. I was captivated by their conversation and led me to incorporating Onnit product into my daily mix. During the podcast they mentioned Wim Hof. They explained everything Wim has been doing, proving, and testing about the body and mind. WOW! I knew I needed that in my life. It was like a tractor beam sucking me right in. I incorporated Wim Hof method 10-week program into my training right away. Took some time to get the hang of meditating. I’m one where my mind is racing all the time. I had an out of body experience once I was able to truly let go and let my mind freely run in my meditative state. Something I have never experienced in my life. My mindset drastically changed from that first true meditative state of letting go. I finally felt like I was kicking that zombie’s ass. The new and improved me is here and just getting warmed up :)

Fast forward to today. Got pretty run down and sick about a week or so ago. Happens from time to time due to the weaker immune system I have. This could potentially knock me off track and back to the old dark way. When I’m not able to meet my full potential I’m tend to be super hard on myself because I feel “worthless”. But I’m not going to let that happen! Too many fantastic things have been flying my way annnd I am already in the fuck it state. Oh the fuck it state is something most will experience typically when you’re super old and have been there, done that, seen that, and lived it. Aka, you are just not going to let anything get to you like traffic, stress, money, and all of that nonsensical bullshit in the world. I am done and over with the game we are all a part of, I’ll explain that another time. Plus the track I’m currently on is outstanding! I don’t want to change courses again back to my old ways. Fuck that noise! Yeah there are some twist, turns, ups, and downs but that is the whole point. Time to keep staying positive, buckle in, and just letting it buck! This ride is crazy fun and to get off just does not compute in my mind anymore. Not to mention, my next choices I will be making will dictate the next chapter in my life story! Do I want to make those in a dark mindset or a free, positive, loving life mindset?

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