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Build Your Strengths

March 1, 2017

Oh man it has been sometime since I last wrote. I had a topic on my mind since my drive home this past weekend. I finished up listing to Joe Rogan and Gary Vaynerchuk podcast #910. I then watched Gary's short video, "Advice to a Young Man That Many of You Need" on YouTube. This lead me into thinking about myself and what I have been doing the past year or so. Plus I wanted to share it with you all. We all need to do a little self maintenance to make sure we are track to achieve our goals and dreams in life.

About a year ago I flipped my life upside down and shook out all the clutter, negativity, and shit out. Left me with a bare bone structure of my strengths. Some were solid and strong. Others needed some TLC and hard work to rebuild, which takes time. Fast forward to today, foundation is now solid as a rock allowing me to branch upwards and outwards. To build outwards, one needs to step out of their comfort zone, take risks, and just commit. To build upwards, one needs to continue to build upon one’s strengths to make them bigger, stronger, and most importantly flexible. Now of days, I just do me all the time. I know me, my strengths, and my direction in life compared to the past.

Of course, I need to constantly continue to strengthen, expand, and push myself as a daily task. Constantly starting new projects as previous ones come to an end helps keep my momentum going. I struggle with just being stagnant. Don’t get me wrong. I love down time and days of rest, but overall I am a gogogogo type. This is why I am always exploring new avenues. Latest one is Jeeping. Something I don’t know much about but I am going to be diving in head first. Soon I will start to build my rig into my ultimate adventure vehicle/home/office/base camp, which I am very excited to see where it takes me. Another avenue is getting back into video work. Something I have always loved but have been out of the game, but I still have the passion for it and miss it. Plus, I know and can see the value in incorporating more video into my projects. So you will start to see more video work from me.

Back in Minnesota. Now that was one heck of an adventure!

So figure out your strengths and expand upon them. Find what ones need a little TLC and start working on them NOW. Anything that does not benefit your strength or contributes to achieving your goals and dreams in life, toss that shit out of here! It is not rocket science so don't over complicate things. Also, stop making excuses and just DO IT! Document your journey and share with others. Who knows maybe your struggles and successes are similar to someone else. They could benefit from following your journey and it could help them through their tough time(s). If you help one other person outside of yourself, I would calk it up as win!

Lastly, like I have always said, “Fuel your passions one adventure at a time!” You will be amazed where you end up. Not to mention, the fantastic connections you will make with others, our beautiful planet, and yourself along the way :)

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