Addicted to the Adventure

January 29, 2018

The title says it all. I am addicted to going on adventures through and through. Probably not a surprise to most, but it was a topic brought up this weekend. From 2014 to now, I have been training and learning everything I can in a variety of outdoor activities. Learning technical skills, like building an anchor system, reading water, lining my Jeep up properly, or how to cross a river with a heavy pack. But also all the "minor" skills like what gear to select, how to pack my backpack, and what foods to bring. The best way to learn and progress those skills is by doing it and testing out different setups. I do this almost every weekend I can. I am for sure a weekend warrior. I take every opportunity I can to be outdoors, fueling my passions, and living for the next adventure. 

This can create some tension or upset friends and family. Most get it, but I am sure there are some that might get upset if I don't show up for a birthday, wedding, or get together. It is not personal to you at all. It is the fact I have to be going somewhere and doing something active. I lose my shit when I'm not out in nature paddling, biking, hiking, or whatever. If you don't believe me ask my roommates (mom and dad lol). I don't know how to explain it to others that don't experience this. Typically travelers, get it. It's like we are infected by this adventure travel bug and the only way to keep the symptoms down is by going on one. Said that, we have to sacrifice some face time with loves ones. I am ok with it because I know we will catch up at some point, but that is not always the case on the other side.

Not sure how I can change/help those that don't get it. How about this, pick the one thing you can not live without and remove it for a short time. How does that make you feel? Do you go nuts? Are you "fine" or "ok",  we all know what that really means. That is how I feel almost weekly. By Wednesday, if I have not been outside doing something I start to get super agitated, mind will not shut off, and I can not sleep. Sounds extreme but it's the truth! I really do go nuts. Thankfully over the years, I have found something that really helps me calm all that down, but is not fully legal everywhere, yet :)

Live for the adventure

Keep in mind I really am an introvert. Most of my adventures are solo. Heck I spend a lot of time solo, but I never let that stop me from going out and doing stuff. I go to dinner and see movies by myself all the time. Yes, I can be outgoing but I probably know you pretty well. Otherwise, I can go days without saying a word to anyone. I am very comfortable with silence and not being on my phone, which I've learn how most are not. Yes, I enjoy being by my friends and family but I am tired of the bar scene. Let's go do something sweet! Let's not spend a shit ton of money on drinks and expensive food. 

Ok that was totally a tangent. Going back to what this journal was started for. My addiction to going on adventures. Even though I get out almost every weekend and during the week, I can feel the bug taking over more and more. Probably because I am burnt out on Minnesota. Yes, there is a ton of awesome stuff to do here, but I have seen Minnesota boarder to boarder. I need to branch out more. Need bigger, longer, and more challenging adventures. I have been like a caterpillar. Eating everything I can (learning skills) over the past years. But this caterpillar knows there is much more to this journey. 

Untitled photo

So this year, I am going into my cocoon. I am still going to be learning and working on my skill set, but I am going to pull back on wasteful spending. I am also going to work on getting myself positioned better for when I break out of my cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly. Again, this means I might have to turn down going out to dinner, getting drinks, and other spending that is not needed. If it does not help me with my metamorphosis I am going to cut it out.

Once I get out of my metamorphosis, I am set to spread my wings and fly to my next adventure. I am setting myself up to take on one massive, non-stop, challenging, adventure. That will take me around North, Central, and South America. To live the life I am meant to live. To push myself to extremes I never knew were there. To focus on quality of life over the social norms. When you are a butterfly, money means nothing. Yes, I still need to eat to survive but I am ok with working small short term gigs during my adventure.

No Hala does not make a paddle board for you

My home is on 4 wheels and named Lana (my Jeep). It will be loaded up and ready for whatever activity I going after. So my living expenses will be pretty small. Rent/mortgage is Jeep insurance and gas. Food is food, wherever one is food is always an expense, but make more food over going out. Money for gear and passes, again money I was going to be spending on that stuff regardless. Given, most of the gear I already have. Anything new has to be an absolute NEED, which I know plenty of ways to get deals. So when I break it down, I really don't need much do live the quality of life I am striving towards. I know this project/adventure will create a lot of noise, when it starts to unfold. Going to make it very interactive to get people engaged on a regular basis. Reaching out to more companies to team up too. Plus, sell some of my art, which is only going to get better! Lots to look forward to as the year unfolds. This caterpillar is ready to become a butterfly :)