Well if ya know me, I am a gear junkie! Gear is important if you are doing any activities in/outdoors. Picking the right gear can make or break a trip. It can be overwhelming with all the options and direction you could go. I am hoping this will assist you with selecting your next piece of gear for your next adventure.

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I have worked part-time on and off for 5 years at REI. Pair that with my adventures, NOLS courses, and training using all sorts of gear. I have tried a number of combinations in a variety of environments. From an easy day trip, 90 day backpacking expedition, or maybe a international trip. I'm going to cover all of these. Plus breakdowns and checklists for different kinds of adventures like a paddle trip. I am going to talk about what I use, why I use it, and pros/cons.

Keep in mind, I don't believe any one company is best for all your gear. I believe each company offers something sweet but I mix and match for the activities/challenges at hand. You will be amazed how much gear can be used across different activities. I am also always testing and trying out new gear or combinations myself. Always looking for way to improve my setups. If you are not sure about something or have a gear suggestion, please reach out to me. I love helping people pick out gear!

Lastly, keeping safety on forefront of my mind is always a top priority when selecting gear.

Head and Face

Upper Body

Lower Body

Hands and Feet

Activity Specific

Cooking and Drinking

Bathroom Business

Packs and Bags


First - Aid





Questions and Discussion