How To Portage a SUP

Guess what this page is about?

Yup, how to portage a Hala SUP. As one that paddles in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, portaging is a huge component to getting from lake to lake. 

My first time, was to just hand carry my board. Works for those shorter portages but when you have a backpack full of gear, lifejacket, fishing gear, and a board adds up quickly. Plus, your grip strength will be shot in a hurry. I've tried a number of way and ended up always coming back to my first idea. Using a simple NRS Tie Down Strap as a sling. 

I dislike taking gear that is not multi purpose on adventures, which an NRS strap you can use for a number of things from tie-down/up, clothing line, safety applications, bear bag line, and so much more.  

Let's get into it! 

Simplified Steps:

1) Unwrap NRS Tie-Down Strap: 15 - 20 foot strap works best.

2) Run strap through the rear D-Ring up to the front, passing through every D-ring.

3) Loop back to the buckle and run the strap through the buckle to desired length.

4) Stand board on its side, toss it up onto your shoulder. If hight is right, tie an overhand knot to lock it in place.

4.5) If needed, add a pad (travel towel) on the shoulder before tossing the board up. Great for those long portages

5) Start walking! If you know you have more portages, just leave it on the board.

Portaging in Action!