Tag Along Hunt - Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Let my sister (Laura) and brother in-law (Jason) know I am getting more into hunting. I wanted to tag along on one of their hunts to see what I can learn from them. At this point, I only had the week prior for experience, hunting with Jay. Laura reached out to me on Wednesday to see if I wanted to join them for the Wisconsin Whitetail Deer season. They were going to hunt a few different areas, which Fort McCoy was an option. Being the closest option to me, I decided to join that trip. Was their 9th annual hunting trip there, I want to say. I was joining Laura, Jason, Maddie (Jason's daughter), and Dan (Jason's Dad).

Fort McCoy is a military base with about 60,000 acres of training facilities and wilderness areas. The public must apply for a lottery to get a tag, which is broken down into different classes. General public is in the bottom class, but Dan have not had issues getting picked in the lottery over the years. I was going to be focusing more on learning from them and taking photos, since I don't have my gun safety yet, nor applied for the lottery. Armed with my camera, I was ready to learn as much as I can and capture some of those awesome moments in the process. 

New Day New Approach

I was under the weather in the morning, so I didn't join them for the early 4:30am start. I decided to sleep in a bit longer and meet up with them, but I was probably going to head home after a full day hunt too. I arrived to find out Maddie changed up here approach. She opted against the blind and decided to go the chair against a tree route instead, aka how the others have been hunting. I got to say, I like this approach a lot more over a blind. Like to be exposed and out in nature. Soaking up all the beauty, birds chirping, and crazy squirrels lol. 

With Dan getting another buck (they group tags, just hunt until they fill all the tags), we decided to load it up, get it weighted/checked in, and grab some lunch. Bellies full, we thought it would make the most sense to do some slow road hunting back to our area. Road hunting is when you drive slow, spot a deer, walk off the road 50ft or more, and take the shot. Saw a few but, nothing to get crazy over. Ended up back at our same spot, which Dan and I decided would would walk the perimeter to spot and drive deer into the hunters. Saw a few tracks, saw some deer in the distance, but nothing was in sight for the hunters. Still super cool to help out, capture some different perspective shots, and get an idea of the different styles of hunting. 


Again, I am so happy to have people like this in my life. Those willing to take me under their wing, answer the bazillion questions I ask, and to just show me the ropes even on a basic level. Even more cool to learn from family and spend some time with my sister. Don't get to see her a ton, which we were like best buds when we were younger. I think now with me getting more into hunting, we will be planning on some more hunts together. I would like to take/join them on other hunts around the Midwest and even out west or different country. Maybe get her on a backcountry hunt, which is ultimately the direction I want to go. I want to hike, paddle, Jeep, or whatever into some remote areas for some truly unique hunts. Combining my skill set with this new way of life, is really a perfect fit for me. I thought a ton about a new direction I want to take for my overall master plan. Ha maybe I should write about it and get everyone caught up, since I think it is going to be pretty damn awesome! Anyways, this was an outstanding experience and I am very thankful to be able to tag along.