Europe Trip - 2014

4 days after my 90 day NOLS trip, I took off to Europe with two great friends! Amanda, Kayla, and I traveled around Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, back into Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, and Italy. Kayla only joined for the first 12 days, of a 6 week trip. After that, it was just Amanda and I going from country to country. Staying in hostels, learning a new language almost daily, eating some amazing food, seeing the sites, and just having the time of our life! Was truly a learning experience, few rough patches, but we managed to come back with a different view of the world we live in. Oh I kept my write ups exactly how they were when I was on the trip. This was the start of me really documenting stuff, so it kind of is not the best but still lays it out pretty well.

Ireland - Land of Cliffs and Guinness

France - Paris - Land of Lights and umm Eiffel Tower

Belgium - Land of Chocolate, Beer, and Fries?

Germany - Berlin! Oh Berlin!

Czech Republic - Prague - Land of the First Pilsner! (According to them)

Germany - Fussen and Neuschwanstein Castle

Austria - Vienna - Land of Beautiful Buildings

Slovakia - Bratislava - Land of a Small City with a Ton of History

Croatia - Brac Island - Land of Olive Oil and Brac Rock

Travel Day - Cluster F of a Day...

Croatia - Fuzine - Race Day - GO AMANDA!

Italy - Florence - Land of Big Knockers and David

Italy - Cinque Terre - Land of Beautiful Villages and Hundreds of Steps

Italy - Rome - Land of ummm WOW! Just WOW!