Italy - Rome - Land of ummm WOW! Just WOW!

We got into Roma mid day from Cinque Terre. After getting settled into our crappy hostel (kitchen light does not work, fridge does not work, and may more things were broken or missing, but at least the bedroom was nice) we went out on a day hike to see the Colosseo. WOW that place is hands down my favorite structure that we have seen, given that should not be a surprise to anyone that knows me lol. The whole time there I was super excited and rambling off random facts to Amanda about everything dealing with Roma and the Colosseo. We also saw a bunch of other amazing building all over the place but that is expected since the Romans knew how to build stuff. We spent the rest of the day walking around and seeing everything we could, before settling into our hostel.

The next day was a long one. We did a huge circle with a zig zag pattern to see every major structure highlighted on our map. This led us to Vatican City, in which we toured the Musiei Vatican, siustin Chapel and Basilica St. Pistro (St. Peter’s). Oh my word the whole experience is hard to put into works. There is so much stuff to see and look at, but the crowds made it hard to get around and truly spend time. Said that, we pre-booked out tickets and skipped the whole long line out front. Plus I could have spent days looking at everything and spending more time admiring all of the art. St. Peter’s Basilica was our favorite part of the day, not to mention we attended a Holy Mass. Again, not really sure how to explained that experience and I am not even Christian. It was just a once and a lifetime experience that is for sure. After Vatican City we continued our loop back into the heart of Roma. We grabbed some dinner, wine, and gelato while walking back to the Colosseo area. There was a World Cup game playing but we just missed it since we wanted to eat first.

The next day (Amanda’s last day) was just a chill day. We walked to Santa Maria Maggiore church again to burn up some time. Afterwards, we walked around a bit before heading back to the hostel so Amanda could get ready to leave. I hate good byes…. Lol but it was time for use to part ways. She was going off to Sweden and I was staying in Roma that night and flying out the next day. I took a nap and chilled in the hostel since it was so hot outside. After dinner I roamed around Roma. Ended up seeing a statue on top of a building and just walked to it. It ended up being a church, which I didn’t get the name of but it was super cool inside. Then I walked to the Colosseo to watch the sunset. I could a sick nasty spot that gave me a view of everything and I was sitting on a wall 15+ feet off the ground, smoking a cigar. I love watching sunsets and this one is in my top 3 for sure now. Just needed a few more clouds in the sky to really get some colors to pop. Well the sun was set and I was getting hungry, aka more gelato! lol Grabbed a huge cone and started to wander around watching street performers, caught some of the World Cup on a big screen in the middle of town, and walked around the Colosso at night. The whole night was fantastic and I wish when Amanda was with me we spent more time walking around at night. Oh well next time.

Overall, my time in Roma was outrageous from start to finish. This is for sure a city I would like to come back and spend more time in with a significant other. One is able to find cheap food and entertainment all the way up to the high end, depending on how deep your pockets are. It’s a city I think everyone should make a point to explore to really appreciate the history and shear scale of the whole place. Very pleased we made it here and that I got to see the Colosseo!