France - Paris - Land of Lights and umm Eiffel Tower

We flew into Paris today for two days and one night. Super easy process to get to our hostel which is only a few kilometers away from the Eiffel Tower! Ended up walking around all day, made dinner, and then off to see the city all light up at night!! Eiffel Tower light up at night is insanely pretty and we are very happy we made it out. Heckled a guy for a bottle of champaign to enjoy while watching the tower light up.

Next day we ventured off to the Louvre, which we didn't go in since the wait was to long and we wanted to see a few other sites. Made a stop off a lock bridge for the girls to add a lock to it for their loves lol. Hiked down to Notre Dame and then off to the train station.

Overall, the two days was plenty of time there given we didn't go into any museums due to lines but it was a fun experience. Not sure I would want to race back there since it is expensive and the people were sort of short and rude.