Croatia - Fuzine - Race Day - GO AMANDA!

We had that horrendous travel day yesterday to get to Rijeka. That way we were close to Fužine which is where Amanda ran a 7K race. Day was overcast and we were both in shorts not dressed for the weather at all. Probably because it has been in the 80's all week. There was a great turn out and they kept asking, "America why are you here?!". They were just surprised to see us there and that Amanda was partaking in the race. She ran it in 34:24. Not her best time but she did it on little sleep, in another country, and without training a whole lot for it. Pretty fun experience and she is super happy she got to finally race in another country. Fužine itself is a very quiet little town an hour out of Rijeka. Not a whole lot goes on there and that is what I liked about it. Everyone was super nice to us and very excited we were there.