Croatia - Brac Island - Land of Olive Oil and Brac Rock

After a brutal train ride (like it sucked hardcore) from Bratislava at 14:30, Slovakia to Split, Croatia at 6:45 followed by a ferry ride from Split to Supetar, Brač Island, Croatia at 7:45. Needless to say I was running on fumes with only an hour of sleep, due to the train ride situation.. However, right off the bat I loved this island because everyone seems to be so laid back, relaxed, happy, and just loving what they do. Our hostel Room Sunce was in Supetar, which is on the northern side across from Split. We are staying is a super cute hostel with the nicest receptionist we have had thus far on the trip. We spent the morning exploring the town a bit, getting groceries, and just enjoying the views. Amanda spent a few hours at the beach and I passed out for a 2 hour nap lol. She got back right before a lightning storm, which we took a nap during it, and it only lasted a few hours. After the storm we went back out into town to catch the sunset, see the bars, and poke around the market/shops.

oday, we ran to the bus, yes ran to it since we were going to rent scooters but they were a joke, to get a ride to the town Bol. Bol is a sweet little town with amazing beaches. We spent the day on some beach called Zlatni Rat, which is where it's at. The water was absolutely amazing! I swam for like 2-3 hours straight and took a nap under an umbrella, of course I'm a ginger! Saw a lot of boobs of all shapes and sizes lol, when the beach had signs of no nudity. I'm not complaining I just have never experienced that a beach before, given this was my first time on a beach in Europe. Anyways, again everyone seemed to be really nice and the prices for stuff is a little more expensive in Bol compared to Supetar but the US is still 5 to1. Tonight we are going to watch Croatia vs Brazil on the beach at one of the bars. Meet a guy name Tony from Texas who is a property manager for one of the biggest resorts on the island. Needless to say we had a blast with him and his son Noah all night watching the game. Food and beer are tasty and cheap, which is always a plus!

Overall, we had a super fantastic relaxing time and I can't wait to get back here! Next time I will do some mountain biking and other extreme sports, which they have a week long event of races and stuff in July.