Belgium - Land of Chocolate, Beer, and Fries?

Belgium is an flipping sweet country!!! I really like it here. First day we went on a nature adventure to a huge forest south of Brussels. We then trotted around the city center trying out beer, chocolate, fries, and much more. We had a blast that night and saw and walked a ton and I mean a ton.

The next day we went to Bruges, which has to be my top place I have ever been in my life! That place was like some fantasy land with great food, beer, chocolate, sites, music, and the list goes on. We spend a whole day and just scratched the surface for what is all there.

Can't wait to get back and explore the whole country even more. The pictures don't even do it justice. So if you are interested in going let me know and I will go with you for sure! I would love to spend more time seeing everything and now we finally have the metro lines all figured out we are leaving lol. Oh well there is always another time. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we had taking them and experiencing it first hand!