Austria - Vienna - Land of Beautiful Buildings

After Fussen we took a train off through Austria to Vienna. Train ride was beautiful the whole way, with mountains, rolling fields, and so much more. Just a great country all around. We only stayed in Vienna two nights, in which we walked to our hostel from the train station... 2.9km does not seem all that bad when we typically walk like 10+ everyday. Well this was uphill the entire way and I mean up hill. Flipping sucked but we made it and are so taking the bus after that lol. We only really explored the city for one full day and night.

ust went to the center and started walking around one super cool building after another. It started getting to the point where we lost interest in the building, since they all start to look alike. We ended up in two different festivals on opposite sides of the city. Went into a few churches, other old buildings, and other random thing we thought was interesting. Getting around was stupid easy with a 24 hour pass that worked on every form of public transportation. After a long day walking around we made dinner in the hostel, which was fun without a stove or really anything at all. Then we went out for a beer in the city center.

Overall, we had a great time but are getting a little burnt out with cities at this point. I highly recommend to come here if you want to see a lot of sweet architecture and city life. Happy we got to experience Austria for a little bit and maybe one day I will be back for skiing and mountain biking. But for now Fussen, Germany has Vienna beat.