Jeep Jamboree - Northwoods - Mole Lake - 2017

Time for my second Jeep Jamboree Event! This time I was in Crandon, Wisconsin at the Northwoods - Mole Lake Event. Little closer compared to the Badland Off-Road Park. Headed out Thursday early afternoon to make sure I signed up with the Red group. Handful of Jeepers from the last event were talking about running the Red at this event too. 

Day 1: Back with Red Team!

I ended up signing up with Red 1 team for the first day on the trail. Awesome team and trail guides. Little on the slow side due to me having stock ride hight getting hungup a lot. Felt bad for other members in the team because I am taking away from their Jeeping time. But everyone was super helpful, understandable, and got me going in a hurry.

Overall, it was an kickass day! Learned a ton about picking a better line, my rig, and so much more. Again, I thank everyone on my team! We ended up separating my winch line from the drum and I crunched one fender, but nothing that can not be fixed. Winch I was going to deal with when I got home and fender I just left. Still had a whole day of wheeling to do tomorrow! After wheeling I went for a little joy ride, took some pictures at local lake/park, and found the closes wayside stop to park for the night. That's right I slept in the back of my Jeep :)

Day 2: Jumping in With Red Team 2

All rested up it was time to hit the trails again! This time I was riding with Red Team 2, thats right little upgrade. Yeah I had some difficulties the day before but the new guides said I could handle it. Plus most that road Red 1 ended up riding Red 2 the next day with me. So we already knew my clearance "issues". The Trail Guides decided to put all JKUs up front because they take more time, handful were sock ride hight (including me), which all of this helped move us along faster. Given some were still not pleased with the pace but we were piggybacking on the trail level above us. So we were really getting into some sweet lines! Blown away what my stock rig could do. Ha surprised some of the other Jeepers and trail guides too.

Another Awesome Event!

I stayed for the awards and giveaways before hitting the road back home. This time my Jeep was in great shape and fully working order. Yeah few slightly crunched front fenders, turn signal popped out, and some new tree branch scrapes but that's nothing. Nothing compared to last time, when my clutch went out lol.

On my way back, I had my top off enjoying the night sky. Had to pull over to gaze at the Milky Way for a bit off US-8. Typically don't get to see it popping out in the sky, due to light pollution. Was thinking about how much I truly enjoy Jeeping (Off-Roading in general). I want to get more into it but keep my rig as my daily driver. Have tons of ideas and directions I want to go. Just going to be taking my time to build it right the first time. Needless to say, this is going to be a fun building this baby :)

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