Jeep Jamboree: Badlands Off-Road Park - Attica, IN

October 2016, I purchased my 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon to build into my ultimate adventure vehicle. I knew early on I wanted to learn how to drive it on/through anything, in moderation. I looked into different options and came across Jeep Jamboree USA. There are 31 weekend events that span across the United States in 2017. Promote stock to big rigs at any skill levels. So I looked into what trips were relatively close to Minnesota that I would be able to drive to and from, with minimal time off. Badlands Event looked like a great place to start!

Day 1: Playing in the Park 

The day has come! I have been looking forward to this day since I signed up. My first Jeep Jamboree Event! Got there and joined the Red Group aka TNT aka Team BOOM! haha. This group is for 31"+ wheels with intermediate terrain, which is great fit for me because I don't like doing the easiest trails but I am not ready for the super hard stuff. Wanted a real good mix of everything with some bypasses, if needed. Just needed to aired the tires down, put it in 4LO, disconnected my sway bars, and get my GoPro ready for the trails! It's go time baby!

First day on the trail was amazing! I am blown away what all I was able to do with my rig. Jeep sure did make one hell of a vehicle. Did all types of trails from dirt/mud, boulder climbs, creeks crossing, and much more. Felt like I was picking up on it all pretty quick for being my first time truly off-roading. I am hooked on the Jeeping, which we have another full day! Given my transfer case shifter cable broke so I ended the say being stuck in 4HI.. but we will look at it after the next day.

Day 2: My kind of Jeeping!

Waking up to a fantastic view I am excited to see what we will get ourselves into today. We were piggy backing on the 800 acres of private land next to Badlands Off-Road Park. The owner loves the Jeep Jamboree events and individuals in the community. As long as we respect the land we will be able to continue to use it for the Jamboree events. This chunk of land was awesome! Totally my kind of Jeeping. Some mud, river crossings, hill climbs, creek drives, and much more. Just gave a little bit of everything but was in a hilly forest. Still kind of sucked I was not getting out of 4HI. So I made the most of it and had to keep a little more distance so I was not overworking the clutch.

That wraps up my first Jeep Jamboree Event! Talk about an awesome experience start to finish. I learned so much about my Jeep and what I am capable of doing with it. I am totally hooked on wheeling and will be doing much more of it in the future. Thank you TNT Group and Trail Crew :)

Aftermath: Adventure Continues

Event, dinner, and awards are now over it is time to head home. But first I need to get my Jeep back into 2wd. Had a few trail crew members help me out with that and I took off. Clutch was struggling but it was at least kind of working. Spent the night at a rest stop 4 hours from home. Wake up the next day to finish out my drive. Made it to the next town, Janesville in WI, as I needed gas. Yup clutch is completely gone... The adventure continues on but, "I'll Take a New Clutch with a Side of 4lo", Read more on my latest journal entry :)

Totally not something I was expecting, but I kind of always knew the clutch was going. Just happy I ended up in a town that actually had the parts, was willing to push things around, and knocked it out as fast as possible. Again, HUGE THANK YOU TO RYAN who busted his ass off to get everything fixed up (see more details here) and ready for my next adventure!

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