Commandeered by Pirates - Jeeping in Badlands Off-Road Park - Attica, Indiana

Went to meet up with some buddies I met at the Jamboree. As I was waiting from them I ended up getting commandeered by another group. They called themselves the Pirates and I remember some of them from the Jamboree. Still waiting for my buddies, I said screw it and hit the trails with these crazy pirate fellas. 

Well that made for one crazy morning. Given it was my first time seeing a C Clip break. This little clip hold the axle in the housing. Once broken the axle to freely move right on out, which it totally did. She was not doing anything crazy just broke the clip and the Jeep slid over. We got her jeep off the trail, she joined fellow Jeeper, and we hit the trails for more fun!

Those tubes are so awesome! Some made it no problem and other did not. I didn't even try because well I still need to drive home. Left this one to the bigger boys/girls. Jerry made it look easy and the others kept getting sucked to the hole on the left. But now time to go play in a different part of the park.

Heck YEAH! That was an awesome time on the trails with some new friends. So happy I got into Jeeping and actively try to get as much time behind the wheel as I can. No better way to learn than from those who have been doing it for years. Truly a passion of theirs and it shows. Love how the community is so welcoming where ever I end up.

I am now apart of the Pirates and look forward to our next time wheeling together!

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