Skiing and Snowmobiling From MI to MT

The Beginning

Jay and I had a blast at Bohemia with most of the gang over the weekend. The following Monday we took of for Montana with Rob. We drove straight to Bozeman from Blaine, MN.

Day 1: Ripping Up Bridger Bowl

Next day, we skied Bridger Bowl like mad men till about lunch. Grabbed a tasty but super filling pulled pork sandwich on the slopes and a pint. Lunch kind of took it out of us, like we were uncomfortably full while skiing. Snow was decent, but we still had a blast and found a lot of fun features to play around with. We were drained by days end on the slopes. Later that night, we made it out to Map Brewery and a Pub for a great meal.

Day 2: Slow Roast Kind of Day

Next morning, we woke up in a super lazy mood and some were pretty sore from skiing the day before. So we decided to go for a hike. We hiked to Palisade Falls in Hyalite Canyon, which was amazingly beautiful and peaceful. It was great to actually explore the local parks to get a feel what it would be like to just go on a day hike. After our hike we went to Bridger Brewery for tasty pizza and a pint or two. This developed into a game plan for a brewery tour. On the tour I got a pint where Jay and Rob both got a flight at each brewery lol. We went to Bunkhouse Brewery, White Dog Brewery, Bozeman Brewery, 406 Brewery, and Outlaw Brewery to wrap up the night. Plus I don’t think we would be able to make it to another one at this point. Talk about a crazy fun day!

Day 3: BIG Sky Baby!!! 

Totally on the struggle bus, we took off to Big Sky for a full day of skiing. WOW! Totally stepped up my game and had a blast all over the mountain. We loaded up into the car after another fun day skiing and took off to Cooke City. It was pretty cool to drive though Yellowstone National Park at night. Super clear night provided countless stars but was also super dark to the point we didn’t have a clue what was around us for the whole drive.

Day 4: Learning to Backcountry Snowmobile 

 Woke up to the sunrise stretching across the mountains surrounding Cooke City. Views I could get used to in a hurry that’s for sure. We picked up our rental sleds and hit the trail. Jay and I were rookies to snowmobiling like this, compared to Rob who has been out here quite a few times for the past 13+ years. So naturally Jay and I were getting stuck and didn’t fully know what we were doing. Getting stuck can totally suck when trying to dig the sled out, but was a learning process to make use better. Jay and I picked up on it super fast, must be our natural talent to learn things lol. Rob was just crushing it left and right as our “guide and coach”. After a full day of riding, we were all shot and ready to have a beer in the hot tub that overlooked the mountains.

Day 5: Right Back at it!

We took off to a new spot we didn’t explore the day before. This area has better powder and Jay and I were able to progress way faster than we all thought was going to happen. This allowed us to go further, higher, and pull off more technical lines but also got us stuck in more interesting situations like at the top of a climb. The whole day was a blast and non-stop fun, which we ended the day on top of one of the peaks taking in the 360 panoramic views. Wow what a beautiful part of the world.

Last that night we went out for pizza again and ran into Jeremy Jones, which was pretty cool to see someone like him in the same area. This sparked us to talk about the next hybrid trip(s) with skiing and snowmobiling in the backcountry instead of doing them separate. Talk about building a better bond between us all and a major progression in two sports! I am hooked BC snowmobiling and super excited to get back to hit up the countless lines we spotted. Only time will tell where we will go next, but I am sure it will be just as epic!

Day 6: Heading Home

Now for the long drive home, but this time we have daylight to checkout Yellow Stone National Park and some of the hot springs! What an awesome trip!