Road Tripping from CA to CO with Marni - 2015

Day 1: Starting It Off in CA

Started off in Half Moon Bay area on a cloudy day at a local café and a walk on the beach, since it was my first time seeing the west coast. We then continued on to Yosemite National Park to check out Half Dome and El Capitan for a shot day hike.

Day 2: Seeing Some Red Rocks

Next on our list was Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We were planning on camping that night but a storm came through and well we forgot a tent. So we drove the strip and grabbed a hotel in Las Vegas. Started early hiking in Red Rock Canyon, swung by REI and picked up a tent, and continued on to Zion National Park.

With us technical winging the whole trip we ended up bumming part of a campsite from a super friendly guy who was camping solo. I guess we were the 4th group to do this within a week. He was on a 6 week trip going from national park to national park like us but was spending a lot longer in each area, compared to us just getting a taste of each place. With it being to late to hike we checked out the local shops and grabbed one of the best Blueberry Hefeweizen we have ever had! Highly recommend the Zion Brew Pub and sit out on the patio for fantastic views panoramic views and food.

Untitled photo

Day 3: Heading Up The Narrows

Thankfully, we had a tent since it stormed again the night, which increased the CSF from the 30’s to 100’s and made the river in The Narrows look like chocolate milk. Early start again, we hiked The Narrows from the bottom up, with a solid detour up one of the connecting creeks. 4-5 hours we finished our hike and took off to Bryce Canyon National Park for another hike after that hottest part of the day.

Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful rock formations I have ever seen in my life! I absolutely loved everything about Bryce and can’t wait to get back there.

Day 4: One Last Stop

On our last day we took off from Bryce to Arches National Park with me being a huge fan of arch formations. We only had a short time so we only hiked to the Delicate Arch.

From there we made our way to the Denver airport and sadly parted ways for the time being before out next adventure. Tons of laughs, singing in the car, being goons, and just having a great time from start to finish. Heck it was 1500+ miles, 4 National Parks, 1 National Conservation Area, and a ton of FUN!!