BWCA - Much Needed Adventure

Well that time of year. Ya know the annual backcountry paddling adventure someplace. Thankfully, Matt is always down for a trip with me. So him and I headed up to the Boundary Waters, Minnesota for the extended weekend. I was really looking forward to this trip, because I needed one. I've been off ever since I jacked up my neck and didn't get to do my big paddle. It really set me back, but I knew getting in the BWCA was going to turn that around!

Day 1: Finding Camp

So this year we are doing it a little different. We wanted to find just a single camp for the whole time. Make it our basecamp with hammock setup. We figured we would get more relaxing times and fishing when we don't have to setup and tear down camp day after day. So we launched and headed towards Alder Lake to find the spot for the weekend. Boy oh boy did we find one :)

After setup camp and paddling/fishing all day we headed back to make a tasty meal. We then hungout around camp fishing into the night :)

Day 2: We Do What We Want!

But for real. Today is the day to do whatever ya want to. I slept in a little later and Matt got out for a morning fishing session. Got back and we made coffee and a tasty breakfast. From there, we hit the water searching for some fish to catch. All we really caught was some rain. But we did manage to get some more wood and kept it dry, which is good. We were running low on fuel. I accidentally grabbed my almost empty can instead of the full one I had. Thankfully, the Frybake pan I have is able to be used over/on a fire!

Pretty long day on the water. Pretty sure we almost experienced every kind of weather too lol. But we started to get hungry and headed back, knowing we had to cook dinner over the fire. I got to say, I really liked doing it that way. Felt more real. Like we were really out there cooking up fresh food to make something tasty. Matt was in charge of dinner tonight, which he crushed it. Enjoyed the view while eating dinner before the night fishing session started. 

Day 3: Casting Till the End

Matt started the day off fishing, while I was doing some Yoga and messing around on my board. Taking videos and just having some fun. I made a massive breakfast to keep us full for the day, before we broke down camp. Up till this point we have not been having the best of luck fishing. catching a ton of small ones. I'm talking our bait was almost bigger than these little ones. Given that is not the only reason why we are out there, but catching fish is always a blast. So we worked the water the whole way back. I was also scouting some potential awesome photo spots for a different time of year too. 


Well again, that was an adventure I REALLY needed. I really feel like I have been detached from society and just people overall. Yeah I have been doing stuff that includes a ton of people like the convention, parties, get togethers, fair, and more. But I just didn't feel connected with myself and everyone. So I was able to escape with one of my favorite people in the world to just get away. Reconnect with nature, REAL nature, doing something I love. Given how can you go wrong with paddling, fishing, camping, cigars, and just enjoying the breathtaking view. Awww thank you Boundary Waters for flipping that switch back to being happy, connected, and feeling awesome again. I needed it. I will see you again this year, maybe this winter too :)

Little Video Short of the Fun