Apostle Islands With Wilderness Inquiry - 2015

About the Trip

Another awesome adventure! I was a Trip Assistant (volunteer) with Wilderness Inquiry at the Apostle Island Base Camp trip located in Little Sand Bay, WI. I was there as extra hand to help out with the trip, but also to get a better feeling for how the trips are run. Could not have asked for a better group of people on the trip! Everything flowed so well, super positive atmosphere, everyone was very helpful, and we just acted as a team thru and thru. Made some awesome friends I will have to “Share the Adventure!” (lol) with again.

Day 1: Meeting Everyone and Everything

First day, we all got accustomed to the gear and all did the tip test (joined the swim team) to make sure we know what to do in the event we tipped over. This was great for people new to the sport, including myself. We spend the rest of the day hanging out getting to know each other and caught a beautiful sunset that night.

Day 2: Shipwreck

We headed down to Red Cliff area to check out the shipwreck, which was pretty flipping sweet! Plus as soon as I put my paddle in the water I was hooked! After a solid day paddling we then went on a hike on a local trail. Afterwards, headed back to base camp for another great meal, practiced successfully making a fire with flint, and caught another sunset.

Day 3: Archers!

Went and checked out the caves, arches, and other formation on the shorelines of Superior, aka my favorite part. Water was flat, like glass flat, on Superior, which is not common at all. However, due to potential storms we got off the water and headed down to Cornucopia for a great lunch and to check out the sites.

Rest of the Trip

We then swung by the campsite to find a few on the tents took on some water since it was just dumping rain. No one was upset and we all worked as a group to get it all cleaned up and taken care of. Didn’t really faze anyone, which was super awesome. So we decided to head to Bayfield for some ice cream and check out the town after sweating away cleaning up after the storm. Last day, we spend at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center because of weather, but still learned a ton and had a great time. Had one last lunch as a group and parted ways.


Overall, I loved every aspect of being in the kayak and exploring the Apostle Island and surrounding area with a fantastic group! I will most defiantly need to get up there again to see more of the islands and my new friends. If you are thinking of going on an adventure check out Wilderness Inquiry super solid outdoor company that loves to have a great time all the time. Here are some pictures from the trip since I feel you need to get up there and see if for yourself! However, I am sad I didn’t get a group picture… I will just have to see them again!