Who is Rozyboom?

Adventure Seeker, Stand Up Paddle Boarder, Mountain Biker, Skier, Hiker, Jeeper, Photographer, Videographer, Healthy Eater, Traveler, Camper, Unconventional Trainer, and the list goes on!

“I’m constantly testing my body, mind, and gear for the right combination to progress myself forward, which happens to take me around the world. I love fueling my passions and will never give up and never surrender to anything as I strive towards accomplishing my goals and dreams.”

- Pete Rozeboom

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Hot Seat

I'm a huge fan of 4 minutes in the "Hot Seat". If you are not familiar with this activity, you have been missing out. It's a great way to summarize your life to others you are meeting for the first time. But, I'm going into a little more detail this time.

Let's rewind the clock back to me as a little kid. Grew up in Highland Park, Minnesota for the first part of my life. I remember always being interested in everything around me. From how things work to why people do certain things.

Pictures and stories tell me I was a funny, nice, crazy little dude, that had a temper at times. Loved being outside, running around, playing in the dirt and mud. Even as a kid, I was always on a bike, in/on the water, or climbing round. Having the ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime came naturally too. Allowed me to refuel my batteries to keep going. Anyways, we lived in the cities and I could still find ways to get dirty playing outside everyday.

Started skateboarding in middle school. That has to be my first true passion in life. The only way I could function. It was a part of me, still is actually. Played football, mainly as middle linebacker, totally loved crushing people on the field. Might be small but I packed a hit.

In 9th grade, I had a bad head to head collision and messed up my neck. Woke up the next day with a bruise from my left ear spanning down passed my heart. I was not able to move from the neck down and started having convulsions on and off. Those convulsions went on for a few months. Putting me in and out of hospitals and doctor offices, trying a mountain of medications. I then got Mono and ended up in the hospital for a week as my throat closed up. More prescription medication from antibiotics, seizures, migraine, pain, and whatever else they kept saying I “needed” to fight Mono and “fix” my neck injury. At this point, I became a medicated zombie to the world.

Was working on my automotive technician degree during high school, because high school drove me nuts. Cars and skateboarding were the only things to hold my attention. Bought a 1971 Dodge Charger to restore, which I bit off more than I could chew. Graduated with my degree two weeks before I graduated high school. Keep in mind, I had an 11th grade reading level, if that, and probably still around there today. Still going in and out of doctor offices to figure out my neck injury we called, “My medical mystery”. Parents got tired of doctors not knowing what was wrong and said, “We are done. With all of it.” They gradually took me off all the medications, changed my diet to healthier food, and gave me a set schedule. That was just what I needed! Went searching for an automotive job at dealerships, with no success. Not able to be hired due to having too many speeding tickets. Was not able to get insurance to test drive the cars after fixing them or some bullshit excuse like that.

Went back to college at my local community college with hopes of transferring into a major university. Did just that and graduated from the University of Minnesota, with a business degree. At the same time, I was on the path of getting engaged. We called that off due to us both needing to learn and discover ourselves, our goals, our dreams, and all of that life stuff. I just felt like it was too much too soon. Heck, I have not even been in another country at this point.

Got a mountain bike and fell in love with it. Totally my new passion in life, but still skateboarded from time to time. Taught myself how to ride the best way possible, just doing it. Then got into downhill skiing, which I was hooked.

March 27, 2011 around 11:45 AM I broke my back. This was on my last ski trip of the season. Took a decent fall off a 45 degree rail and landed on the small of my back. Wind was knocked out of me and I felt a little off. Picture below with time stamp is right after the fall. Skied nine more runs, went to dinner, and drove the group four hours home. Was not able touch my knees with my hands when I got home. So my parents took me to the hospital. Yup, fractured L2 and L3 Transverse Process bones in my spine. Was put on bed rest for over 3 months to recover. Drove me nuts! Biking, skateboarding, heck even walking up stairs to pee was out of the question. Had a long slow recovery that pushed me into the following winter season. Took it super slow and easy on the slopes, which made me depressed. Like really depressed… I felt like I was not living up to my potential. Next few years, I was on and off depressed from other injuries, which all seem to be ski related but I love it way too much to stop.

Started getting more into nutrition. Knew I needed to pay attention to what I was putting into and onto my body, plus figured it was time to start training. Needed to get over these injuries and do something radical to get out of my funk. About a year and a half into working for a major corporation, I went on the 90-day backpacking Outdoor Educator Semester with NOLS. I quit my job with the intentions of leaving corporate world for the outdoor industry. NOLS was one of the best experiences of my life! 3 days after NOLS, I flew to Europe for 6 weeks with two friends. Why not?!

Had a blast and learned a ton about the world and myself. Ran out of money mid trip…Thankfully, I was able to figure out a way to finish the trip. Ended up calling my boss about the job posting in my department, someone retired and my same job was open. I got my job back once I was back in Minnesota, but that burning desire to escape to the backcountry still burns. However, I need to pay off school and everything else.

Personal trips started getting bigger, longer, and more intense. Feeling more like adventures instead of just a trip. This made me focus more on training, bettering myself, optimizing my intake, and pushing myself to new heights. Incorporated Onnit’s foods, supplements, kettlebells, and Academy Website into my training, talk about progression! But… I knew I still had to change my mindset from the negative F everyone and the world. So I started the 10 week Wim Hof Method program fall 2015. Really got into meditation, letting go, and focusing on my fueling my passions. Changed my world! Like I cannot stress how important this was for me.

Started intergrading yoga and eating more all-organic, raw, and just healthy foods. Constantly working on dialing in my intake to get the best performance out of my body and mind. Some days I win and some I feel the repercussions, but that makes it fun. Also got an inflatable Hala Nass stand up paddle board, named her Nala. Use it for training and to explore lakes, rivers, and streams. Now I'm fueling multiple passions in life, which makes me learn and develop different ways to challenge myself physically and mentally.

Winter 2015/16 I started @rozyboom Instagram account started. Well technically restarted it. My intentions were to keep track of my training, follow positivity, get ideas, and inspire others. It soon became much more to me, but I don’t do it for likes or follows. I just do me. With hopes others will enjoy it, feel inspired, and ultimately follow me because they like what I’m doing. I then started my Minnesota State Park and National Park Projects, NOLS Alaska Mountaineering course, and many other adventures that have been life changing.

Now I am looking forward to the next challenge, adventure, and fueling my passions every single day!